July 13, 2024

DFC Approves Over $3.3 Billion in Investments with a Focus on Africa in Q1 FY2024

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has greenlit a series of strategic investments totaling more than $3.3 billion in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2024.

The 17 approved transactions, spanning a diverse array of sectors, underscore the DFC’s commitment to advancing global development priorities, with a particular emphasis on fostering growth, sustainability, and empowerment across Africa.

Expanding Global Impact:

DFC’s Board of Directors approved nine transformative projects this quarter, reflecting the corporation’s multifaceted approach to development:

  1. Global Vaccine Access: The DFC will utilize its $1 billion loan facility with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to broaden access not only to COVID-19 vaccines but also to routine childhood vaccines globally.
  2. Empowering Women in the Dominican Republic: A $200 million loan to Banco Popular Dominicano, S.A. aims to empower women entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Energy Security in Eastern Europe: DFC’s support of a €208 million loan to Bulgartransgaz EAD, facilitated by Citi, will enhance energy security in Eastern Europe, reducing dependence on Russian gas supplies.
  4. Small Business Financing in East Africa: A $320 million co-financing effort with Citi will empower CRDB Bank to enhance on-lending capabilities to small businesses in Tanzania and Burundi, with a focus on women-led enterprises.
  5. Clean Energy in Indonesia: A $126 million loan to PT Medco Cahaya Geothermal will boost Indonesia’s renewable energy production by developing geothermal power generation capacity.
  6. Climate and Energy Investment in India and the Indo-Pacific: An equity commitment to Eversource Climate Investment Partners II will drive climate change adaptation and energy transition projects across India and the Indo-Pacific.
  7. Global Food Security: A $250 million loan to Indorama Eleme Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited/SPV Line III will increase fertilizer production in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, strengthening global food security.
  8. Safe Water Access in Angola: DFC’s support of up to $250 million will enable the development of water treatment and distribution infrastructure in Southern Angola, providing reliable, safe drinking water to underserved communities.
  9. Education Access in Emerging Economies: A $250 million loan to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) established by Prodigy Finance Ltd. will enhance access to high-quality education for graduate students from developing nations.

Regional Focus on Africa:

In addition to these board-approved transactions, the DFC has greenlit targeted investments at the sub-board level, with a clear emphasis on Africa:

  1. Critical Mineral Supply Chains in South Africa: A $50 million equity investment in TechMet will support the development of a rare earth element processing facility in South Africa, enhancing global critical mineral supply chains.
  2. Women’s Economic Empowerment Worldwide: A $30 million follow-on loan to the IIX Women’s Catalyst Fund will support the issuance of the sixth IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond, promoting economic empowerment for women globally.
  3. Access to Higher Education in Ukraine: A $10.7 million loan to Ukrainian Catholic University will finance the expansion of the university’s campus in Lviv.
  4. Food Security in Zambia: A $10 million loan to Seba Foods Zambia Ltd. dba 260 Brands will strengthen the food value chain in Zambia by expanding storage and production capacity.
  5. Supporting Ukrainian Small Businesses: A $28 million loan portfolio guaranty to ProCredit Bank Ukraine will catalyze investment in Ukrainian small businesses, especially those in the agricultural sector.
  6. Infrastructure Growth in Zambia: An up to $17.1 million loan to African Eagle Hotels and Resorts will finance the construction and operation of an international hotel in Lusaka, Zambia.
  7. Clean Energy in Africa: Two $10 million loans to SIMA Commercial & Industrial Solar Green Bond B.V. will spur investment in small and medium-sized renewable energy projects across the continent.

Congressional Notification and Global Impact:

Many of these investments are subject to congressional notification, emphasizing the collaborative nature of these strategic endeavors. The DFC’s commitment to fostering sustainable development, economic empowerment, and infrastructure growth across Africa is evident in these diverse and impactful investments.

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