Disgraced and highly corrupt Nigerian pastor Chris Oyakhilome spreads another dangerous lie over George Floyd protests in USA following UK ban for COVID-19 falsehood


Chris Oyakhilome, a disgraced and highly corrupt Nigerian pastor and President of Love World Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, has embarked on another set of dangerous lies, not long after his broadcasts were banned in the United Kingdom for spreading dangerous lies over COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Oyakhilome, who is notorious for imposing gate fees at his end of the year services to allegedly “control the crowd”, has again raised eyebrows over his conspiracy theories on anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests in the United States following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020.

The disgraced cleric in a televised sermon on Sunday said the protests and riots that have engulfed the United States are not about black lives, but part of a grand scheme to get rid of the police and implant microchips into Americans and other citizens of the world with a view to controlling them.

According to his discredited conspiracy theories, which seem to have emanated far from the bible he proclaims to read, once the police have been taken off the streets, microchips would be implanted into citizens which would give the government all the needed information, thereby reducing crime.

He said: “There are many who don’t know what is going on in the United States with the riots. It’s not about the guy that died, it is not about black folks, and it’s not about black lives matter. I will tell you what it is about. From protests to riots and then more people have died since then and the call for disbanding, abrogation, cancellation, defunding of the police.

“Why is that? (Do) you think it is limited to the United States? No, it is not. Why are they doing it? It is part of the game. It is simply because they want to come in with the alternative method for security. What is that alternative method? It is total control- RFID microchip. That is what it’s about.

“And so, you are going to find people getting rid of their police and you will see cities experimenting one after the other. The cities say no police, everyone must get the microchip. And with that, you are going to know everybody. They will know everyone and crime will be controlled and they have got the media to hype it and in spite of its failure, they will praise it like the best thing in the world. That is what it’s about.”

In April, Oyakhilome claimed the COVID-19 pandemic and the government-ordered lockdown in Nigeria were part of a ploy to introduce 5G technology in the country.

He claimed when people are indoors, the government would begin laying fiber optic cables for the 5G, arguing that the COVID-19 was being spread by the 5G technology in other parts of the world.

His Loveworld TV was sanctioned in the UK with government saying it had taken action because the comments were clear lies.

The spread of more lies have left some of his followers confused over a famous bible verse loves to quote John 10:10 – the The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
Based in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, Simon leads a brilliant team of reporters, freelance journalists, analysts, researchers and contributors from around the world to run TODAY NEWS AFRICA as editor-in-chief. Simon Ateba's journalistic experience spans over 10 years and covers many beats, including business and investment, information technology, politics, diplomacy, human rights, science reporting and much more. Write him: simonateba@todaynewsafrica.com


  1. How I wish I could become one of ur members so I will be cause of your disgraceful exposure!
    For goodness sake! Your reporters and ‘editors’ are working around d globe to cover what they care about, not what the people care about so stop acting like u care about the information going into the minds and beliefs of the masses because if u do, u won’t publish lies and errors and even go as far as changing the Truth because of your selfish interests and still claim to be publishing quality news. Quality my ass.
    . that’s total BS

  2. Just imagine. So ‘Today News Africa’ has become so desperate that they no longer value true information. I wonder how many innocent people are being misled by your daily publications. The saddest part is that, this totally disgraced and irresponsible press might even be playing a key role in covering up all the evil happenings they witness and realize, simply because of money and fame. You’re firm will collapse very soon for misleading this people. I’ll make it one of my core values to expose liars and corrupt practices such as what we’re seeing here in ‘Today News Africa’. Such a shame that a press company such as yourself couldn’t commit to finding out the Truth and would prefer publishing lies and misinformations to everyone. It’s because of press companies like this that makes corrupt politicians go scott free.

  3. I will like to sound a note of warning to you, you writer to do your investigations well before putting up some things as news.

  4. It is sad that you call yourself a journalist or media organisation. You are a disgrace yourself to the media industry. I dare you to publish this comment. You amplify narratives you know nothing about. Pastor Chris is right in his claims because he connected the dots. You carry out your own study if you are not an Olodo Brown Envelope or grant seeking journalist working for the Deep State.


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