In the era of President Donald Trump, racism against black people has skyrocketed in the United States, and the latest victim of this nationally coordinated official assault is a Nigerian.

Chika Okafor was in the lobby of his Upper East Side apartment building last week in New York waiting with a friend for an Uber when a white tenant went on a violent racist rant, suggesting they were up to no good.

Okafor, according to TMZ, is a producer for Bleacher Report.

He explained to the white man that he lived in the building, but the white tenant wasn’t buying it, claiming he’d lived in the building for 27 years and had never seen Okafor before.

“The 29-year-old Okafor said he’d lived there for a year, but the white tenant wanted proof, and demanded to know his unit number,” TMZ said.

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These racist attacks on black people have always existed in the United States but have skyrocketed since President Trump occupied the White House.

Mr Trump has denied being a racist, but constant attacks on black persons have continued to empower the argument of those who think otherwise.

Many Africans in the United States are hardworking, doing many jobs, but constant attacks against them by the whites, including from lazy ones, are well documented.


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