Double Blessings: Couple wins $2.6 million in lottery and three days later finds out their son is cancer-free

The British couple from Stockton-on-Tees, in County Durham in the north-east of England bought a lottery lucky dip ticket for the draw on Wednesday, December 18.

The win was so overwhelming that, according to reports, after seeing that the numbers on his lottery ticket matched the drawing, John McDonald said his “legs were trembling”.

He said they were still trembling when he rang the lottery operator Camelot to check that he was not mistaken.

Newsweek reported that John tried to call his wife, but she was at the dentist’s, adding that when Allison saw that she had a missed call, she feared something had “gone wrong with Ewan.”

“Never did I believe when I called him back he would be telling me we had won the lottery jackpot,” she told a press conference on Friday.

Their £2 million [$2.6 million] win was enough for both to quit their jobs—his as a 70-hour-a-week security officer, and hers as an optician. They also had more than enough to buy a new house.

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