Double Blessings: Couple wins $2.6 million in lottery and three days later finds out their son is cancer-free

Newsweek added:

“But Lady Luck had not quite finished with them. Three days later, they were then given the even better news that Ewan was free of the cancer that had developed in his lymphatic system.

“John McDonald told a press conference: “It is just like all of our lifelong dreams came true in the space of three days.

“What a start to 2020. Everyone always dreams of winning the lottery at Christmas, and talks about how amazing this would be, but Allison and I never believed it would happen to us, and it has.

“And then to receive news that Ewan’s latest scans are all clear is just truly amazing.

“We are so thankful. 2020 is certainly looking like being one amazing year for the three of us.”

“Allison 49, said the money has bought them freedom to spend time with their family, which includes two other children and three grandchildren, Sky News reported.

“We can both now afford to stop work and spend time with our family making memories, something we could only have ever dreamed of doing,” she said.

“This is just the most amazing feeling ever,” she added.

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