Yetunde Reeves
DR. Yetunde Reeves

Agraduation scandal at a Washington. D.C. high school has led to the sack of its principal, Dr. Yetunde Reeves, a Nigerian American.

Dr. Reeves, who was the principal at Ballou High School, was removed from her position following revelations that some students graduated despite missing months worth of classes.

D.C. Public Schools policy states that a student should fail the class after 30 unexcused absences. However, a joint report from WAMU and NPR revealed students were allowed to graduate despite three months of unexcused absences.

DC Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson announced Dr. Reeves has been assigned to another function in the district. An investigation has also been opened into the graduation last year.

“We take this issue very seriously, and we know that policies must be explained clearly and implemented with fidelity,” Wilson said in a statement, according to

. “This investigation will restore integrity to the process by providing students, parents, and the broader community with answers.” reported that “some city leaders knew about Ballou High School teachers’ concerns over the summer, but the investigation was just recently launched after a report revealed students were given diplomas without meeting graduation requirements”.

It was not clear Dr. Yetunde Reeves was aware of the students’long absences.


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