Human Rights Watch asks IMF to deny three-year loan to Cameroon without guarantee the money will not be stolen amid COVID-19 corruption scandal

“The IMF Board is voting on its third loan to Cameroon since the start of the pandemic in the midst of a Covid-19-related corruption scandal and violent crisis roiling the country’s English-speaking regions with a devastating impact on people’s right to health,” said Sarah Saadoun, senior business and human rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. “When badly-needed aid is being squandered or stolen, it would be irresponsible for the IMF to approve another loan without safeguards to ensure that the money goes where it is intended.”

Key advantages of investing in emerging markets across Africa

U.S. pension funds have approximately $18.8 trillion under management, but less than one percent is invested in Africa. This investment gap represents a missed opportunity given that Africa was home to more than half of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies last year, the continent has one billion consumers, and over the next two decades, its workforce will grow to contain 1.1 billion people, making it the largest on the planet.

Biden administration thrilled as unemployment insurance claims falls by more than 50% – from more than 834,000 to 402,500

The Biden administration is thrilled that unemployment insurance claims have fallen by more than 50% - from more than 834,000 to 402,500, a significant indicator that the economy is recovering faster than previously projected.

IMF approves release of $772 million to Angola, bringing total disbursements under current loan arrangement to $3.9 billion

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday approved an immediate release of about $772 million to Angola, bringing total disbursements under the current loan arrangement to $3.9 billion.


UPDATED: Nigeria’s Supreme Court sacks PDP Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo and declares APC Hope Uzodinma as winner


Human Rights Watch concludes Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers bombed civilians to death, schools, hospitals and markets in Tigray region

Ethiopian federal forces carried out apparently indiscriminate shelling of urban...

Human Rights Watch calls on Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winning dictator Abiy Ahmed to restore internet and phone services in Oromia

The Ethiopian government should immediately lift the shutdown of internet and...


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