Editorial Board U.S. Elections Endorsement: Michael Rubens Bloomberg stands best chance amongst Democrats to beat Trump

For months, we have watched and listened to Democrats campaign to replace President Donald Trump, and for months, we have wondered who had the best chance of beating him.

We have now come to the conclusion that Michael Rubens Bloomberg is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump amongst all Democrats in the November 2020 elections.

The mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013 not only has the means to fund his own campaign without influence from big donors, he also has the experience he garnered in America’s most challenging state to run the United States.

Michael Rubens Bloomberg

As a wealthy man, he can go head to head against Trump and beat him like former Vice President Joe Biden likes to say “like a drum”.

We have also listened to Mr. Bloomberg and realized he has the confidence, the charisma, the oratory, the sense of judgement that Mr. Trump does not have.

He is well articulate, he seems to know clearly what he’s prepared to do and we believe he’s well prepared to beat Trump.

Besides, Mr. Bloomberg’s scholarships and contributions to young Africans, including African students and journalists, are well known across Africa, and we believe as President he will not describe Africa as a “shithole” place, and he will not ban African countries or citizens from coming to the United States. He will not also try to pull troops from Africa, and will not describe foreigners as rapists and criminals and murderers.

For all these reasons, even though Mr. Bloomberg is not yet allowed to debate with other Democrats, it is the firm belief of TODAY NEWS AFRICA EDITORIAL BOARD that Mr. Bloomberg will be the best candidate for the Democrats to beat Trump, and a better President for the United States, for the world and for Africa.

Some Americans may believe the world starts in New York and end in California, but we have watched candidates around the world and know a good candidate when we see one. And Mr. Bloomberg is a good one at this point in time.

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