Edo woman sent us letter she wrote Oshiomhole 2 years ago insisting he must read it


Updated: March 7, 2021

Adams Oshiomhole is the former governor of Edo State. On Saturday, a woman from Edo contacted TODAY NEWS AFRICA‘s publisher Simon Ateba, insisting that Mr Oshiomhole should read a letter she wrote him on 2 October 2017. She said no one had agreed to publish it. We are glad to finally publish her letter in 2019.

By Laura Iziegbe Idahosa, TODAY NEWS AFRICA

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Dear Sir Oshiomhole,

I wish to personally congratulate you and members of the APC party in Edo State on the success achieved in the last election held in the state that brought about the administration of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.

Cognizant of the manifestations of your impart to Basic Education in Edo State, I thought it appropriate to express my appreciation. THANK YOU SIR!

Before your emergence as the governor of Edo State on the 2nd November, 2008, public schools in the state were not only in a state of erosion but also in oblivion as the then government was dilatory in its disposition to salvage the situation.

Streets were filled with children who ought to be in schools during school hours playing away. Streets and market were crowded with children beckoning buyers to purchase their wares.

Young female children became vulnerable to pedophiles who took advantage of their (the young females) naivety, projecting the impression of obtaining whatever wares that were sold.

Another pathetic occurence was the frequent run over of children by careless and ruthless drivers who pay less attention to pedestrains, thereby amplifying the suffering and pain of the family of the accident victim.

Last but not least was the recruitment of young male children to the association of conductors due to the financial inability of their parents to send them to the available but unaffordable private schools as the public primary schools that have orientation towards the people (especially the commoners) were not considered suitable for learning.

I was enroute to my primary place of assignment on a good day, the vehicle I boarded had a very young boy as its conductor.

The moment he started demanding fare from the passengers, I chafed at the retort of the passengers.

Verbal expressions such as “your mate dey school na conductor you come choose! Your papa and mama nor fit put you for school! If private school too dear, public school even if e nor too good nkor!?”

One could see the overwhelming shame these words imposed on the poor boy.

As I alighted, I couldn’t prohibit the impulse to question why he wasn’t at school. He confided to me that he, lived with his uncle who couldn’t afford his (the young boy’s) education at that level.

Though perplexed, I gave him words of encouragement and we parted. However, if the situation of public primary schools were encouraging at the time, he wouldn’t have chosen being a conductor over being in the classroom.

I am not a political analyst neither a political critic. Yet, it’s expedient for an individual to be aware of his/her political environment.

I might not have noticed your other achievements Sir, but as the saying goes ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be’.

I have a great passion for education, hence, the irresistable impulse to appreciate you for face-lifting Basic Education in Edo State and to boldly put down,


Thank You Sir! For taking every Edo child away from the street.

Thank You Sir! For taking away the reproach of the average Edo parent.

Thank You Sir for uplifting the morale of the average Edolite as regards Basic Education and I pray your successor follows this through.

God bless Edo State! God bless Adams Oshiomhole!

Laura Iziegbe Idahosa, lauraidahosa@gmail.com
Telephone: 08068894284


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