Enough Of This Fraud, Resign Now, CACOL Tells Saraki, Nigeria’s Senate President

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Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki sits in the accused box during a hearing of corruption charges against him at Code of Conduct tribunal in Abuja, on September 22, 2015. Nigerian Senate president Bukola Saraki pleaded not guilty to corruption charges at the country's Code of Conduct tribunal, a day after an appeal court rejected his request to stop the trial. Saraki, who leads the upper chamber of parliament and is the third-highest politician in Nigeria after the president and vice-president, has been accused of making a false declaration of assets.

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, on Wednesday, called on Mr. Bukola Saraki to tow the path of honour by resigning as the President of the Nigerian Senate, describing the litany of fraud allegations against him from Nigeria to Panama as an aberration.

“This is following the latest revelations from the ‘Panama Papers’ leaks about assets confirmed to be proceeds of corruption belonging to the Saraki Dynasty,” said the Executive Chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran.

“Before becoming the Senate President, a position which he assumed via very controversial means; Saraki was known for running publicly-owned businesses bankrupt and someone with a poor reputation such as his, isn’t fit to be called or be elected as a Senator not even to talk of becoming the Senate President,” Mr. Adeniran blasted.

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“With such a background and considering that he oscillates between sitting in the criminal suspects’ box in the Code of Conduct Tribunal as a criminal suspect and sitting as President of the Senate in the hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly as the President of the Senate doubling as the Chairman of the National Assembly, the situation becomes an aberration and makes Saraki a misfit to occupy a seat in the Nigerian Senate in the first place and unfit to continue to occupy the exalted position of the Senate Presidency.’’

Mr. Adeniran said “the fact that Saraki lied about his declaration of assets is enough proof for everyone that he is not a credible person, his impeachment processes should have started long before now, so it is better for him to resign now”

He warned: “Should he refuse to resign, the Senate must wield the big stick by commencing his impeachment process immediately. For it is absurd for someone who sits high at the throne of the law making guild in Nigeria to discredit himself so much in the eyes of the public and thereby tarnishing the image of the country among the comity of Nations.’’



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