November 29, 2022

Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed bows to international pressures, restores internet and phone connectivity in western Oromia after 3 agonizing months

abiy ahmed
Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has bowed to international pressures and is restoring internet and phone connectivity in western Oromia after three long agonizing months, a report said on Tuesday.

In January this year, internet and telephone connectivity was suspended across several towns in western Ethiopia.

But reports from the towns said on Tuesday connectivity had been restored.

State-run FBC confirmed that connectivity had returned. But residents said they were still unable to connect to the internet or use their phones.

Activists, press and human rights groups had actively campaigned for government to restore internet and telephone access in the affected areas. 

This article will be updated as we hear from people on the ground who were kept in the dark by the administration of Nobel Peace Prize winning dictator Abiy Ahmed.

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Comments 9

  1. Taye Chefo says:

    Let’s wait and see, it’s not yet working.

  2. Tesfaye Demissie says:

    Abiy’s imperial ideology of one language (Amharic) one flag (Minilik’s flag), one religion (Amhara’a Orthodox), one culture (Amharas culture) in a country which has more than 84 ethnic groups is not only impractical but also impossible! Ethiopia is not a one nation state. Ethiopia is a multi nations state with diverse religions (Muslim, Christian: Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Waqefannaa, and others) and each ethnic group has its own language, culture and beliefs. Abiy Ahmed is forcing every ethnic group in the country to accept Amhara’s (single ethnic group) language, culture and belief, religion and flag which is currently created huge tension among ethnic groups in the country. His plan to dismantle the ethnic based federal system currently in place and try to bring the country back into the old imperial system will not only resulted in an endless crisis but will bring the country in to its end i.e. disintegration. Criminal Abiy Ahmed must be brought to #ICC for the crime he committed against Oromo people and other ethnic groups (Gumuz, Kemant, Agaw, Sidama, Tigraay, Gambrlla…) in Ethiopia. Oromia and South Nation Nationalities and People’s region still under illegal command post (military rule) for nearly two years. Under his government score numbers of civilians have been in those area, many thousands still remain in prison center and concentration camp. This include the top Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) official Mr Abdi Regassa, hundreds of school students and mothers rapped by Abiy’s military. More than 20 Oromo students were killed in Amhara regional state universities, more than thousands of Oromo students dismissed from the universities and etc…Therefore, the international community must come together to brought this criminal individual to international court. Even the area under this illegal state of emergency, we do not know the scale (level) of the damage his military committed against civilians since internet, and telephone blackout and disconnection of electricity by the Ethiopian government. The Ethiopian people must unite and stop this from happening and the people must not let this criminal destruct the country!
    #Abiy_Ahmed must be removed and brought to justice!
    The people of Ethiopia deserve more freedom, democracy, equality not a repression and imprisonment!

  3. Tusse says:

    Oromoo people required many things on the biggest revolution which push Abiy to this position! But he was masked by Amhara elite!

  4. DeBBirbir says:

    He’s nothing better than a frafile insect! He must pay for his massacres, gang-rapes, caterations & tortures; many have lost their arms or limbs, I know of a 7 year chiild whose arms shattered by his bullets

  5. Oromia Times says:

    The Norwegian Novel Committee must rio off the award back, this guy was part of EPRDF , Who where responsible for so many human right violations and killings in Ethiopia. Despite all promises he made to transform the country into democratic process he repeating same thing. He is even getting worse un his Serial killing techniques.

  6. Misbah says:

    Abye Hamed must be go because he is dictated of our people which is what he is doing on his people what was doing still now so everyone knows that and world must be know that ,to seve insanities people all world stand up for those people please do something!!!! Thanks ? this is Misbah Ibrahim

  7. Adisu Yadessa says:

    Atse Abiy Ahmed = COVID – 19

    B/c he is silent dictatorship on the people,
    Abiy is same genoside like Minilik
    ” ” ” ” H/Silase
    ” ” ” ” Mangistu
    ” ” ” ” Melles

    NB:- He is the son of Melles Zenawi

  8. Yoyo says:

    Dear Editor,
    In order to make your news credible.please check also
    The comments .your site is being used as a fake news spot by people like tesfaye demisse .
    With unfounded allegations.and bigoted lies .shame on thise who try to to plunge our nation into chaos .
    Their rehtoric is way down the actual reality on the ground and the government policy .
    Abiy Ahmed is doing his best for all nationalities in ethiopia.
    He is also by far genuine and democratic .

  9. Kedir says:

    Maintaining peace and stability is mainly the task of the government . It is true that we are on transition and the country is becoming the fertile ground for Anarchists this have been the greatest threat for citizens whom they earn their basic needs on every day basis. Hear I don’t object the government on the effort to once for all clearing this Anarchist from the country. The government security apparatus inefficiency to implement this operations make ordinary citizens day to day activities. The best way government conducted this operations by professional analysis of the scenario and by developing trust of the society making ordinary citizens life hard by cutting the whole communication infrastructure even make the opration harder .If government is not trust the society the society can easily manipulated by anarchist.

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