May 28, 2024

First person tests positive for coronavirus in Kenya

Kenya on Friday reported its first case of the novel coronavirus. Health Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said on Friday in a televised speech that a 27-year-old female national who had returned from the U.S. via London has tested positive.

“The case was confirmed on the 12th of March,” he said, adding that “the patient is stable, her temperature has gone down to normal.”

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Denise Gums
Denise Gums
4 years ago

Thanks Simon for being on top of.African news..We are getting little here about Africa in California..I thank and salute you from CALI..Oakland where the ship is docked..

4 years ago

People are truly showing their WEAKNESS!! If you are healthy and WASH YOUR HANDS after bathroom usage, cover your COUGHS IN PUBLIC , MEN urinating where ever they see a place, Go WASH YOUR HANDS and stop spreading YOUR NASTINESS!! Carry sum wipes with you!! If your SICK with ANYTHING use your COMMON SENSE if you have any and STAY HOME like your doing NOW!!These TERRORIST who are in control want you to do just what you are doing !! Living in FEAR!! STAY CLEAN AND HEALTHY!! Giving Thanks ??