May 28, 2024

Former Congressman and Tireless Advocate David Miranda, Husband of Glenn Greenwald, Passes Away: Brazil Mourns the Loss of a Social Justice Champion

Former Congressman and Tireless Advocate David Miranda
Former Brazilian Congressman and Tireless Advocate David Miranda Is No More

In a heartfelt announcement on Twitter, American journalist and lawyer Glenn Greenwald shared the tragic news of the passing of his husband, David Miranda, a passionate and courageous former congressman and campaigner.

Miranda, who passed away in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 37, was a powerful voice for social justice in Brazil’s congress from 2019 to 2022, particularly during the far-right administration of Jair Bolsonaro.

Born in a favela, Miranda’s “extraordinary trajectory” led him to tirelessly fight for marginalized communities and advocate for a more inclusive Brazil. His fearlessness in the face of adversity was exemplified by his relentless resistance to the far-right Bolsonaro movement.

In addition to his political career, David Miranda was a columnist for Guardian US, using his platform to raise awareness about pressing social issues. Greenwald, with whom he raised two adopted sons, João and Jonathan, expressed his profound sadness in the Twitter announcement, saying, “It is with the most profound sadness that I announce the passing away of my husband, @DavidMirandaRio. He would have turned 38 tomorrow. His death, early this morning, came after a 9-month battle in ICU. He died in full peace, surrounded by our children and family and friends.”

Brazilian politicians, celebrities, and social activists, including President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, are paying tribute to the late politician, celebrating his life and accomplishments. David Miranda’s untimely death has left a deep void in Brazil’s political landscape and the hearts of those he inspired with his unwavering dedication to social justice.

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