May 22, 2024

Former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Accuses Network of Trying to Destroy Tucker Carlson’s Career With Leaks

Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News anchor, has accused the network of trying to destroy its former primetime host, Tucker Carlson, who left the company on April 24th. Speaking on her YouTube channel, Kelly claimed that Fox News was orchestrating a coordinated effort to silence Carlson, who she said is very talented.

Kelly pointed to the falling ratings for Carlson’s former show, which she said were record lows. She also claimed that Media Matters for America, a group that opposes Fox News and conservative media, had released two mysterious outtakes of Carlson on set, which showed him complaining about the company’s digital offering and allegedly making inappropriate comments about women.

Kelly suggested that the leaks were part of a wider campaign to undermine Carlson’s reputation and damage his career prospects. She said that Newsmax, a rival news network, was keen for Carlson to move over. However, Kelly argued that although Carlson might be difficult to work with and had a history of criticizing his employers, he is very talented.

Some observers have suggested that Carlson’s departure from Fox News could mark a turning point for the network, which has long been associated with right-wing politics and conservative values. However, others have argued that the network will continue to thrive, thanks to its loyal audience and its ability to tap into the grievances of disaffected conservatives.

Whatever the future holds for Fox News, it seems clear that Carlson’s departure has created a stir in the media world. As the battle for the hearts and minds of America’s conservative viewers continues, it remains to be seen who will come out on top.

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