May 19, 2024

Francisco Oropesa, Suspected Texas Shooter, Apprehended After 4-Day Manhunt

Francisco Oropeza
Francisco Oropeza

Authorities have arrested the individual believed to be responsible for the fatal shootings of five people, including a child, in Texas. The apprehension took place on Tuesday, following a four-day intensive manhunt, an official said.

Suspected shooter Francisco Oropesa, 38, was arrested in Texas, as confirmed by San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon in an interview with NBC News.

The prosecutor stated that Oropesa’s arrest occurred in the city of Cut and Shoot.

Dillon mentioned that officials are currently awaiting fingerprint confirmation to ensure they have apprehended the correct suspect.

Oropesa now faces first-degree murder charges and has been transported to Montgomery County Jail.

Oropesa’s arrest signifies the conclusion of a massive manhunt that included the participation of over 250 officers from the FBI and various law enforcement agencies.

According to authorities, Oropesa allegedly shot and killed five of his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, after they asked him to stop firing his weapon in his yard.

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