June 12, 2024

It seems game over for Bernie Sanders as Democrats rally behind Joe Biden a day to massive Super Tuesday

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The Democratic Party establishment has turned its back on Senator Bernie Sanders and thrown its heavy weight behind former Vice President Joe Biden, a day to massive Super Tuesday when voters would cast their ballots in 14 states, including California and Texas.

For Joe Biden whose campaign was just days ago declared dead, buried and forgotten, it is a dramatic turnaround.

Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay presidential candidate dropped out and endorsed Biden several hours ago. Amy Klobuchar also endorsed Biden hours later at a loud rally in Texas, and called on all her supporters to rally behind him.

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a once 2020 contender, also endorsed Joe Biden at the same rally.

Former President Barack Obama had also called for the suspension of anti-Biden campaign ads in South Carolina, an indication that he was backing his former VP.

With all the endorsements, it seems the Democratic Party establishment has spoken loudly and clear: Joe Biden, the moderate candidate and longtime Democrat, should become the nominee of the Democratic Party who would take on Donald Trump in November.

Bernie Sanders, the socialist democrat who is leading Biden with a few delegates at this time may now find it hard to win the nomination even if he gets more delegates on Tuesday.

So is it fair to ask, is game over for Bernie Sanders?

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johana andeto okoyo
johana andeto okoyo
4 years ago

Comment:I support biden to win the presidential