George Floyd: Derek Chauvin’s supervisor David Pleoger lands devastating blow to defense’s case

The last witness from day four of the Chauvin trial, Sergeant David Pleoger, former supervisor of Derek Chauvin, landed a devastating blow to the defense’s case. 

Sergeant David Pleoger, former supervisor of Derek Chauvin 
Sergeant David Pleoger, former supervisor of Derek Chauvin

Currently Chauvin is facing charges of manslaughter and murder in the second- and third-degree for the incident that took place on May 25, 2020 involving a 46-year-old Black man named George Floyd.

David Pleoger, former police officer for the Minneapolis police department and former supervisor of the defendant, Derek Chauvin, said that policy and procedure around dealing with medical emergencies during arrest are known and were a part of every officer’s training.   

Pleoger explained that proper police protocol states that once the individual arrested is no longer offering resistance, restrain should have ended. 

According to Pleoger’s statement, Chauvin did not follow policy. Video shows Chauvin maintaining the position of his knee on Floyd’s neck long after he lost consciousness.

When Chauvin put Floyd on his stomach to restrain him, he should have put Floyd on his side to breathe better to deter “positional asphyxia”. Pleoger said that even with Floyd’s own body weight, he would have struggled to breathe in that position, so additional body weight would make it significantly worse. 

There was lack of transparency as Chauvin reported the incident to his supervisor. Before Pleoger got on the scene, Chauvin said that Floyd was taken in an ambulance, that he was “acting crazy” and not going in the squad car. 

It was only until hospital staff asked for more information about the incident did Chauvin finally admit to his supervisor that he put his knee on Floyd’s back. 

Even then, he seemed to have hid the fact that he held his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes and long after he stopped moving. 

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