May 22, 2024

Georgia Bulldogs Decline Biden’s Invitation to Visit White House

The Georgia Bulldogs, who recently claimed the national championship title in college football, have declined an invitation from President Joe Biden to attend the White House on June 12, The New York Post reported on Tuesday.

The day is being marked as “College Athlete Day” and was meant to honor the Bulldogs’ impressive win. The team cited an unfeasible date given the student-athlete calendar and time of year as the reason for their decline.

Despite some disappointment among Georgia supporters that the invitation came later than expected, a bipartisan group of Georgia’s congressional delegation had written to the White House in January expressing their hope that the repeat championship team could be honored by the President. However, it seems that scheduling conflicts proved too difficult to overcome.

The development comes after first lady Jill Biden recently floated the idea of inviting Iowa’s women’s basketball team, which finished as runner-up to LSU in the national championship last month, to the White House. However, this suggestion drew criticism from LSU star Angel Reese, who pointed out that losing teams are not typically invited to the White House.

Although the Georgia Bulldogs will not be visiting the White House this year, they remain one of the top college football teams in the country and will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the upcoming season.

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Ricky Hicks
Ricky Hicks
1 year ago

I came here because of Simon Ateba, a journalist with a passion and honor. Thanks, Simon, you are an inspiration.