GOD versus SCIENCE: Follower of Africa’s popular pastor T.B. Joshua says mega brands like Nike, Apple, Ferrari closing stores and reopening March 27 the day his prophet said coronavirus would be defeated

It seems to be a battle between God and science. A popular Nigerian pastor has openly declared coronavirus would be defeated on March 27, 2020, but scientists around the world, including renowned American doctor Anthony Fauci have said the coronavirus may continue to wreak havoc for a few months before it is defeated.

Anthony Fauci 
Dr. Anthony Fauci/Getty Images

With the controversy over who to trust, God or Science, a follower of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the popular Nigerian preacher who announced recently he received a prophecy the fast spreading coronavirus would come to an end on March 27, 2020, sent a statement to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington DC on Sunday making some connections between the prophecy and some developments in the United States business industry.

T.B. Joshua’s prophecy has been well received by his followers scattered all across Africa and the world but met with skepticisms from medical doctors, scientists and other people who rely on logics, evidence and science and not on spiritual proclamations from what they describe as an invisible, silent and even dead God.


On Sunday, one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s followers noted that in response to the coronavirus outbreak, mega companies such as Apple and Nike have announced they will close most of their stores worldwide until Friday March 27, 2020.

In a similar announcement, Ferrari has decided to suspend production of its cars at its Italian factories until March 27th to protect its workers.

According to the follower, remarkably, the date announced for the re-opening of these companies is exactly the same date TB Joshua announced on March 1, 2020 would mark the end of coronavirus.

In a video that has since gone viral on YouTube, the Nigerian cleric stated the dreaded disease would “go the way it came”, adding that rain would fall “to wipe away all fear of the unknown”.

On Thursday 12, March 2020, Joshua echoed this declaration in a message on social media to US President Donald Trump.

Trump and TB Joshua 
President Trump and President T.B. Joshua

“The noise of coronavirus will be silenced before the end of this month,” he wrote on his verified Facebook page, adding that the travel ban instituted by America on European countries would cause both economic and political backlash for Trump.

“Coronavirus is fear and fear lingers in the air. Fear does not need to fly to America or any other country on a plane before being contracted,” he said.

Across America, schools and universities have equally been closed – also announcing intentions of reopening on March 27, 2020 – as efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus intensify.

In Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the disease outbreak – new cases have reached a record low with Chinese health experts predicting the nation would be free from the disease by the ending of March.

So is it fair to ask, who to trust, the prophet or the scientist? Only time will tell.

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