How to implement the new WordPress recurring payments on your website step by step – By Simon Ateba

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
Simon is an investigative journalist and publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA L.L.C. based in Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A. His twitter handle is @simonateba and his email is

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There is a new way to earn money on WordPress and I am going to show you how to go about it right now and right here step by step. The new WordPress recurring payment works with Jetpack plugin and stripe. I have done it on TODAY NEWS AFRICA and I will show you how you too can implement it. I will not tell you how others have done it, or tried to do it, I have done it as seen below and you can also do it. Click on that button and see the example of what I have done.

If you donate $10 to us that would be great and would allow me to keep providing these services, but you do not need to donate for now.

The full article by WordPress can be seen here. I also republished the full article below for those who do not like clicking on links.

Here I provide you with my guidance, for you to be able to do it as well for your website.

Below are the 12 steps you would need to follow to start earning money on your WordPress website.

I would like to start by saying that like you, when WordPress launched the new recurring payment on it platform on November 12, I was like everyone, I knew it was a great idea but I did not know exactly how to test it, how to go about it and how to implement it.

I read some articles but none of the authors was really taking me in and showing me exactly what to do. That can suck. It did suck.

So I will show you how to go about it here, step by step. But remember, if you would like me to implement it for you, you would need to pay.

However, you do not need to pay me. You can implement it yourself and keep your money by following these steps.

To implement the new recurring payments on your platform for your supporters to become your sustainers, and for you to have a reliable income stream, you would need these three things.

  1. A WordPress website
  2. A Jetpack plugin (first installed for free and then upgraded for at least $3.5 per month
  3. And Stripe.

Let’s dive in and do everything step by step and let me show you exactly what to do

I assume you are already using WordPress content management system…..That’s checked.

Second, go to your WordPress dashboard (

Third, enter your username and password

Four, once logged in, on the left side of your dashboard, go to plugin, add new plugin and search for jetpack

Five, Install Jetpack and activate it

Six, head to your Earn page and click Connect Stripe to Get Started 

Seven, with the free jetpack, it will ask you to upgrade, choose the monthly upgrade first to try it, it cost $3.5 per month. You won’t be charged more.

Eight, you upgrade, it will prompt you to connect your site with stripe.

Nine, assuming you do not have stripe first but you have a bank account and a credit and debit card, you need to create a stripe account first.

To do that, you will go to

Ten, follow the steps there and create your stripe account.

So you have a stripe account, you have a WordPress Website, you have the updated version of Jetpack. Click on connect your Website to Stripe.

Eleven, once your site is connected to stripe, you will be prompted to choose how much you want to charge for either your subscriptions or donations.

Choose the price, and the period, either monthly or yearly.

Twelve, Save everything

And you are set.

The way it works is that to add that button to your blog post, you go to your post, write your article and include a block called recurring.

If you are lost, read the full WordPress post below or contact me on or give me a call. I will charge you $150 if I need to do it for you.

Click below to pay

Below is the WordPress post on the new recurring payment

A New Way to Earn Money on

With Recurring Payments, your supporters become your sustainers, and a reliable income stream frees you to push your creative boundaries.\

It’s hard to be creative when you’re worried about money. Running ads on your site helps, but for many creators, ad revenue isn’t enough. Top publishers and creators sustain their businesses by building reliable income streams through ongoing contributions.

Our new Recurring Payments feature for and Jetpack-powered sites lets you do just that: it’s a monetization tool for content creators who want to collect repeat contributions from their supporters, and it’s available with any paid plan on

Let your followers support you with periodic, scheduled payments. Charge for your weekly newsletter, accept monthly donations, sell yearly access to exclusive content — and do it all with an automated payment system.

With recurring payments, you can:

  • Accept ongoing payments from visitors directly on your site.
  • Bill supporters automatically, on a set schedule. Subscribers can cancel anytime from their account.
  • Offer ongoing subscriptions, site memberships, monthly donations, and more, growing your fan base with exclusive content.
  • Integrate your site with Stripe to process payments and collect funds.

Enable Recurring Payments in three steps

Start accepting ongoing payments in just five minutes, without any technical background. 

1. Connect (or create) a Stripe account partners with Stripe, one of the internet’s biggest payment processors, to make sure transactions are fast and secure. You’ll need a Stripe account to use Recurring Payments. 

Head to your Earn page and click Connect Stripe to Get Started — we’ll walk you through the setup and help you create a Stripe account if you don’t have one.

2. Put a Recurring Payments button on your site

Recurring Payments takes advantage of the powerful block editor. To start collecting revenue, open a post or page, click the (+) to add a new block, and insert a Recurring Payments button.

3. Customize the details of the recurring payment

You can create as many payment plans for your site as you’d like—different currencies, amounts, payment frequencies, and names, so you can offer different tiers or subscriptions.

You can also choose one of your previously created plans when you insert a new button.


You just set up Recurring Payments for your site. Now your fans can support you, just like they do on and around the web.

For more detailed setup instructions, visit the Recurring Payments support page.

So many options to grow your supporter base

With Recurring Payments, you can turn your content into revenue, accept donations, or fund your next big idea. 

  • Sell access to members-only newsletters.
  • Collect club membership dues automatically.
  • Let fans fund your next art project.

Some people even collect rent with recurring payments!

It’s easier than ever for your visitors to support your site

Recurring Payments make it easy to purchase a subscription or become a supporter on any or Jetpack-connected site — your subscribers will be able to use the same payment information and manage all their subscriptions in one place. To do that, they’ll just need a account.

During the checkout process, they will enter their email address. If they already have a account linked to that address, we will associate the purchase with that account. If they don’t, we’ll create an account for them. When they complete the purchase, they’ll receive an email with more info and login instructions for their new account.

The transaction is between you and your subscriber. only facilitates the processing and management of the subscription. We don’t save your subscribers’ credit card information, either — it’s stored by Stripe, the payment processor, so that the charge can renew automatically. Your subscribers can manage, edit, or cancel their recurring payments on their own, without your intervention, by visiting Me > Manage Purchases > Other sites.

A competitive fee structure helps you share your work far and wide

Recurring Payments is available on all paid plans, for both and Jetpack-connected sites. You pay a percentage of the revenue your site generates through Recurring Payments, which varies depending on your plan. As you collect more subscribers, you might consider switching to a different plan in order to retain more revenue. PlanJetpack planRelated Fees eCommerce —None BusinessJetpack Professional2% PremiumJetpack Premium4% PersonalJetpack Personal 8%

In addition to the fees you pay us, Stripe collects 2.9% + $0.30 for each payment made to your Stripe account.

Make the most of our collection of monetizing tools

Recurring payments is the latest addition to the monetizing tools available on Here are the other tools you can find by visiting

  • Use Simple Payments to take one-time payments, or to sell digital or physical products with minimal configuration.
  • Add WordAds to run advertisements on your site, and earn revenue from your traffic.
  • Move to WooCommerce when you’re ready to create a full shopping experience for visitors — it’s the most customizable online-store platform on the web, with thousands of extensions.

Ready to add Recurring Payments? Head to your site’s Earn section right now.


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