abiy ahmed
Abiy Ahmed

Human Rights Watch concludes Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers bombed civilians to death, schools, hospitals and markets in Tigray region


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  1. Dera Bo says:

    Independent Investigation is a MUST. Fascist Abiy Ahmed is a 3-year old War Criminal inside Oromia alone; he’s massacred more than 20,000 people so far, many of them young women and men.

  2. Mahammed Safeyo says:

    HRW voice for voiceless Down Down Abiy

  3. Delayit Fitih says:

    I spoke to my aunt in Adwa after 93 days of communication blackout. She said Eritrean forces were the first to arrive in the town of Adwa. They were firing from mortars and tanks to the town and from town to the mountain – indiscriminately.
    Independent investigation is a must !

  4. girmay says:

    the bloody TPLF gone for good. Long live for the one and only PM Abiy Ahmed

  5. Jogir WaraSayyoo says:

    Injustice;prosecution arbitrary arrest jailing killing and throwing bodies near the road to terrifying others & to the forest to be eaten by hayenas,denying court order and disappearing perisoners burning crop on farm and house and animals which never happen ever elswhere in Ethiopia done to Oromo people during Abiyi Ahmed’s time who prized Nobel Prize wrongly.But idon’t understand why the world packed their ears and ignorant when Oromos are crying demonistrating why the UN agencies so sluggish to take strong action and giving time for more criminal act to happen?What else evidence the world need to bring him to world court?Where is Eroupian union,US,Australia,African Union and international organizations to say no what Abiyi administration and military dectators commiting?For how long?The blood of innocent Oromos Tigrians BenishangulGumuz and Wolaita laudly crying for justice.Open your eyes and unpack your ears to stand for justice to bring him and his admin to world court to stop stop dectatorial regiem for once and for all from the horn of Africa.Feel our pain as one global family and show your solidarity with the opperessed people.Do not let dectators overrule laws and justice.Don’t let dectators galoping over rules and regulation for power thirsty to shed an innocent blood.The blood of innocent is crying crying crying crying out lauder to everyone who love justice to stand with those lost their voice.

  6. Dagmawi Belay says:

    The HRW East Africa Director has biased report. She claimed that she interviewed 35 witness by phone who fled in Sudan. So she must have conducted this interview with criminals who massacred civilians in Mikadra. Those criminals are now living in Sudan refugee camp. The HRW director lost credibility long time ago. When thousands Amharas massacred by TPLF cliques in Metekel and Oromia she never voiced her concern. We all know TPLF network is working outside the country corrupting the press and individuals working for HRW. No surprise!

  7. Yared says:

    How could Aminsty International be an independent body while his staff are working for the Junta group from TPLF?
    The reality is the TPLF Junta group commited massacare in the northern command of Ethiopian army and the Mycadra civillians.

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