May 28, 2024

Hunter Biden Attends Paternity Hearing for Out-Of-Wedlock 4-Year-Old Daughter Navy Joan Roberts, but Stays Silent on Questions After Exiting Court

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden made a rare in-person appearance in court on Monday for a paternity hearing regarding his out-of-wedlock 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts. This comes after a judge ordered Hunter to participate in all paternity hearings in person due to the slow progress of the litigation. Lunden Roberts, the mother of the child, hails from Batesville, Arkansas, where the hearing was held.

Hunter fathered the little girl with Roberts in 2018 after meeting her at a Washington, D.C. strip club. However, he has refused to meet with Roberts, and her legal team has claimed that he has rejected her legal case for changing their daughter’s last name to Biden. President Joe Biden has also repeatedly refused to acknowledge the existence of his granddaughter.

The court case between Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden dates back to 2019, when she first took legal action after Hunter refused to acknowledge paternity of their daughter. Hunter’s paternity was later verified by a DNA test.

Hunter’s legal team has also been involved in legal disputes with Roberts over child support payments. Initially, he agreed to pay child support, but the case was reopened in September after his team claimed he had a “substantial material change” in his finances.

The Biden family’s handling of the situation has been widely criticized. President Biden has faced backlash for refusing to acknowledge his granddaughter, and the White House has been criticized for leaving Navy Joan out of a Christmas stocking display for the second year in a row. Hunter has also been criticized for his refusal to meet with Roberts and for his legal disputes over child support payments.

However, Hunter was silent when asked about his father’s refusal to acknowledge the 4-year-old girl as his granddaughter.

As he exited the courthouse during a lunch break, a reporter asked him whether President Joe Biden was doing a disservice by ignoring the little girl’s existence, but the first son remained tight-lipped.

It was a rare opportunity to get a comment from Hunter Biden, but he refused to address the elephant in the room. Despite the numerous legal disputes over paternity and child support payments, the glaring absence of acknowledgment from the President of the United States towards his granddaughter is what is causing the most outrage.

This ongoing situation highlights the complex issues surrounding family dynamics and responsibility, especially in the public eye. It remains to be seen what steps the Biden family will take to address this issue and acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts as a member of their family.

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Gabe Athouse
Gabe Athouse
1 year ago

It is NOT a paternity case. They already had a paternity case and it was established that the girl IS Hunter’s daughter.

The case now is the Bidens trying to get child support payments lowered.

The President of the United States is a DEADBEAT GRANDFATHER