Igbo columnist Fredrick Nwabufo tears into Hausa/Fulani man Isa Funtua for lecturing Igbo on how to get the Nigeria presidency

Igbo columnist Fredrick Nwabufo said Isa Funtua doesn’t need to tell Igbo what to do to get presidency.


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I have been married for about nine years now. My experience in my nearly a decade of being grafted to another being has taught me to maintain the sacrality of my union. No interloper allowed, even at times when the tempting thing to do is to succumb to the emotion of letting in an outsider.

I have come to understand that not all those who come to grief with you or provide you a shoulder to recline on at your time of vulnerability are really ‘’grieving with you’’. Most will exploit your low point to arrogate to themselves some importance and even offer gratuitous suggestions to nail you to the wall of guilt.

This is the sitch of the Igbo in Nigeria today. Everyone is now an adroit opinionist on what the ethnic nationality must do to ‘’get presidency’’, as if the group is one undeserving lot that has to grovel to get its due.

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