July 25, 2024

IMF urges staff at Washington D.C. headquarters to work from home after employee tested positive for coronavirus

The International Monetary Fund on Friday urged staff at its Washington DC headquarters to work from home after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

Coronavirus can cause a respiratory disease known as COVID-19. While most people who are healthy recover or may not even notice they have contracted the virus, the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions are most vulnerable and may die.

The employee who tested positive for coronavirus has been isolated, the IMF spokesman said.

“We are working with local public health authorities to identify the staff member’s close contacts and those who may have been affected,” the spokesman added.

He said IMF staff should work from home until further notice.

IMF added that it has all suspended all mission travel to European countries designated as Level 3 community spread areas by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 2000 people work at the IMF headquarters next to World Bank and not far from the White House.

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