In brutal video, Cameroonian soldiers gather unarmed civilians and shoot them dead


This is not a video you may want to watch. But this is no science fiction or Photoshop. The brutal killings are taking place in a village in Cameroon’s far north.

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Soldiers are seen arresting unarmed civilians, including women and children as well as the elderly.

They first drag them out of their huts, set the huts on fire and order the civilians to lie to the ground faces down.

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Once they face down, the soldiers begin to shoot them dead. They shoot first at close range, then from a distance, and at close range again to make sure everyone is dead.

A soldier speaking French is heard directing a colleague to kill the guy wearing a yellow pant. Another soldier is heard asking the soldiers to properly line up and fire well. “Are they still moving?” One soldier asks to ensure everyone is dead.

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Yet another soldier asks his colleague what he calls this mission. The colleague replies that it’s called “mission kamikaze”. He laughs and keeps walking.

The video was released on the social media on Tuesday. It was not clear when the atrocities took place or exactly what village was involved. But the soldiers spoke French with an accent familiar in the Cameroonian capital Yaounde.

Cameroonian soldiers are engaged in a brutal war against Boko Haram terrorists, but Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have accused them of terrible war crimes.

The latest video is reminiscent of another massacre by Cameroonian soldiers weeks ago, also in the far north. In that video, women and children are blindfolded by soldiers and shot dead.

They are shot so many times that the rat ta ta of gunshots is deafening.

On Tuesday, the Cameroonian Ambassador to the United States addressed foreign journalists, and told them Cameroon was at peace and Anglophone secessionists were a bunch of agitators being sponsored by foreign powers.

The organizers barred Mr. Simon Ateba, the publisher of from the event. He was stopped at the entrance and told his reservation was rejected. He was not welcome.

In the South and North West Regions, Anglophone activists have been agitating for justice, equality and independence.

The government has massacred hundreds of activists, unarmed civilians and set entire villages on fire.

The activists have also responded with brutality, killing dozens of soldiers and burning schools.

Crisis Group has warned that Cameroon might be on the brink of a civil war.

But the International community has remained silent even as President Paul Biya prepares to run for a seventh term in office after almost four decades in power, in a country where most people live in squalor and hopelessness.


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Simon Ateba
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