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In the trail of Boko Haram Updated for 2021


Updated: February 27, 2021

“The Report On my trip to North-East, Nigeria for the Story.”

By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

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Jama’are – Azare – Potiskum – Damaturu – Maiduguri road could be described as the best road interchange in Nigeria. This road can also be called “ HIGHWAY TO HELL”, Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] enclave and territory.

From Potiskum – Damaturu – Auno – Jakana – Damagum – Mainok – Benisheik – Maiduguri Road. Dikwa – Ngala Road. Yamtek – Gwoza Road. Mafa – Dikwa Road. Bama – Baga Road. These highways are the most militarized, pillaged, ruined, destruction and annihilation trail these communities in the wake of Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] onslaughts!

Four countries are seriously indicted in the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] onslaught corridor of weaponry. They are; Cameroon, Central Africa Republic [CAR], Chad and Niger Republic [the easiest gateway for the left over weapons in Libya] and the shell corporations that are based in Kano. Created by the politicians, the sect has grown beyond regional containment and got most of their initial weapons during the Arab Springs [Tunisia].

The Central Africa Republic [CAR] arms corridor was said to have been established through the Seleka Muslims rebels that overthrew the government of  President Francois Bozizemore than three years ago and Seleka leader Michel Djotodia declared himself President. Bangui, the capital of Central Africa Republic [CAR] has a sizable number of Nigeria traders especially the Kanuris’ who are principally from Borno State, North East, Nigeria who according to sources were surreptitiously arming the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] and some of the Seleka Muslims rebels in CAR were neck deep in training the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] and supplying or arms to the terrorists through CAR – Chad – Borno route.

The terrain is vast, open, and infinite! The Sahel Savannah stretches to Lake Chad Basin. Abdul Kawri, Abubakar Benisheik, Abubakar Shekau, and Abu Mussab Albarnawi are Boko Haram Terrorists’ [BHT] leaders that has hangs the Kanem Bornu empire peace.

Why has this sect been able to subdue Kanem Borno Empire that withstood the fierce Jihadists of Othman Dan Fodio Islamic conquest? Kanuri’s are known to be versatile, but has caved in to Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] onslaught!

The military has lost it’s capability in tackling the Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] onslaught. This led to the removal of Theater Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru in December 2017 and replaced with Major General Ibe Nicholas [a former Chief of Logistics, Nigeria Army who also designed the current emblem used for the Armed Forces Remembrance Day]. The Nigeria Army Armour tanks used in the Boko Haram theater of war was rejected by the Iraqi Army , but was later re-routed to Nigeria by the Nigeria Army under the former Chief of Army Staff [COAS], Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika.

In Moduganari Ward in Maiduguri, where the Civilian Joint Task Force [CJTF] has predominance, the sect has a lot of members in this neighborhood. Maiduguri residents wakes up daily and through out the whole day to the military sirens blaring through the city and some of them said, ” We are used to the maddening sirens.”

Maiduguri is a city that has become an enclave of two authorities’ Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] and  Operation Lafiya Dole theater of war, Nigeria Army.

Is the war on terror winnable by the Nigeria military? To  many the answer simply lies with the Nigeria Military operationally. Maiduguri a city that withstood, Othman Dan Fodio jihad has been envelope with darkness and become a city referred to as ‘Sunset at Noon’ by the foolhardy Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT]!

With 3 military barracks in Maiduguri namely: 7th Infantry Division, Nigeria Army, Maimalari Barracks along Baga Road; 21 Armored Brigade, Giwa Barracks [that escaped been overran by Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT] in 2014] and Nigeria Air-force Station. The military seems helpless in their campaign against the dreaded Boko Haram Terrorists [BHT]!

Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi is 


Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi is a Research and Data Analyst: Premium Times Data Management [PTDM]
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