July 25, 2024

International Council of Nurses Urges Immediate Cease-Fire in Sudan as Health Care Services and Hospitals are Destroyed in Ongoing Conflict

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has issued a plea for an immediate cease-fire in Sudan amidst ongoing power struggles between rival military factions. The conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than hundreds of people and the destruction of hospitals and the disruption of health care services.

Mowafag Hassan, President of the Sudanese Nurses Organisation, has reported to ICN Chief Executive Officer Howard Catton that the situation in Khartoum is becoming increasingly dangerous. The nurses, health personnel and patients are being evacuated from hospitals that have come under attack. There is an acute shortage of medical supplies, and the lack of food and fuel for ambulances is making evacuations increasingly difficult.

Mr Hassan also highlighted that the five main hospitals in Khartoum have been destroyed, with the remaining functioning hospitals being located far away from the city. The situation has left health care in a perilous state, and the civilians are under direct attack.

ICN has condemned all attacks on health care workers, whose sole aim is to provide care, treatment and comfort to the sick, injured and dying. They have also called for respect for humanitarian laws and an end to the deliberate targeting of health facilities. ICN is urging all governments and other combatants to uphold international laws that protect health workers.

Mr Catton has expressed his concerns that if the international community does not act when international humanitarian laws are so blatantly violated, it becomes normalized, which is both abhorrent and unacceptable. He has called for urgent humanitarian corridors to be opened up to allow access to the provision of medical supplies, and to ensure safe pathways from the airport when it reopens.

The ICN is a federation of more than 130 national nurses’ associations worldwide, representing millions of nurses globally. The organization has always been a vocal advocate for the rights of health care workers, particularly in conflict areas. They have urged all parties to come together to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict, which has taken a severe toll on the people of Sudan.

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