Former Nigerian Senator erupts over “infectious diseases bill” giving government unlimited surveillance power

A former Nigerian senator Dino Melaye has described as “satanic” an “infectious diseases bill” being proposed at the House of Representatives by Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila. The bill would give government agencies broad surveillance powers, with some fearing it may effectively turn Nigeria into a police state.

The 43 page bill, received by TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington D.C., and titled “control of infectious diseases bill 2020”, when passed into law would give broad authority to the Director General of the Nigerian Center for Infectious Diseases (NCDC).

Senator Dino Melaye said in a video message on Instagram that the bill will turn Nigeria into a police state. He described it as “satanic” and christened it a “Bill Gates Bill”.

“This bill is not a holy bill, this bill is satanic, this bill is not Nigeria-friendly, this bill is an importation of colonial mentality, this bill can as well be christened the Bill Gates Bill,” Melaye said.

He said section 19, section 30 and section 46 of the bill “completely contravened the provisions of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.”

“It contravenes section 34, it contravenes section 35 of the constitution,” he added.

In Particular, Dino Melaye said the bill contravene the sections on the dignity of man and the fundamental human rights.

“If we eventually pass this bill, you will find out that we are moving to a police controlled-state,” Senator Melaye said in his broadcast message to Nigerians.

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