Jailbreak: Nigeria Dismisses 23 Prison Officers, Suspends 11 Others

The Nigerian Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB) said on Monday it had, at its emergency meeting held on Thursday 11th August, 2016, approved the dismissal of three senior Prisons officers serving in Kuje Medium Security prison and three other senior officers serving in Koton Karfe prison “for their complicity in the escape of prisoners from the respective prisons”.

The dismissal letters dated 12th August, 2016 were signed by the Secretary to the Board Alhaji A A Ibrahim.

The letter reads in part “Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB) considered the allegation of serious misconduct arising from your negligence of duty as leveled against you …..  The Board thereafter approved your immediate dismissal from the Nigerian Prisons Service.. in line with the provision of the  Public Service Rule 030402 (O) being an action prejudicial to the security of the State”.

The statement released on Monday said “the Controller-General of Prisons in his capacity has approved the dismissal of seven junior staff serving in Kuje Medium Security prison and 10 other junior staff serving in Koton Karfe prison also implicated in the escape saga”.

The affected officers are to hand over all government properties in their possession to Jailbreaks their immediate superior and proceed accordingly.

Meanwhile the officer in charge of Nsukka Prison DCP Okonkwo Lawrence and 10 others have been suspended over the recent prisoners’ escape from the prison. Authorities said the suspension is to allow for “detailed and uninterrupted investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident in order to facilitate appropriate action by the authority”.

In the wake of incessant escape of prisoners from some prisons in the country the CGP, Ja’afaru Ahmed on the 2nd of August, 2016 convened an emergency meeting of Command Officers and 241 officers in charge prisons across the country to reassess security measures for safe keeping of prisoners. Although a number of escapees have been recaptured, efforts are still being made to ensure that all the fugitives are apprehended and returned to prison custody.

The Controller General wishes to assure all officers and men of the Nigerian Prisons Service of his readiness to support and encourage hard work and dedication to duty but frowns at acts of negligence capable of embarrassing the Service and the nation at large. While appreciating the collaboration of security agencies, vigilante groups and members of the public for their support, the Controller General further assures that all necessary measures are being put in place to guarantee maximum security of persons in Prison custody.

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