Kenyan governor arrested over $827,000 fuel fraud Updated for 2021


Updated: March 4, 2021

The governor of Samburu, a locality in the Northern Part of Kenya has been arrested over a fuel supply fraud involving about $827,000.

Governor Moses Kasaine was arrested after a Kenya’s chief prosecutor, Noordin Haji ordered that he be charged with conspiracy to commit economic crimes, abuse of office and conflict of interest.

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Kenyan’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, EACC, detectives said they were looking for 13 other officials including his deputy, county secretary, chief finance officer, former chief officer in charge of environment and several other chief officers.

Governor Moses Kasaine Photo: StandardMedia

Together, 14 suspects are linked to the fuel-supply scandal in which Oryx Service Station, which police believe is owned, owned by Kasaine and a close ally of his, were given a tender to supply fuel for the country.

Prosecutor Noordin said investigations had established that the Governor was trading with the county government through Oryx Service Station for supply of fuel since March 27, 2013. Adding that the service station had received $827,000 and the money was “shared” between the governor and a “proxy” of his.

The governor had failed or neglected to disclose his interest in the service station, and had engaged in “conduct that is expressly prohibited in law”, the prosecutor said.


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AMOS FOFUNG Nkunchoh is a multi-talented journalist with an intrinsic passion for investigative, politics and conflict reporting. He's based in the U. S.A.


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    You are inspiration for all Africans .
    God bless

  2. Congrats Sis,
    May you keep soaring. As a Nigerian, I am proud of you, as an African, I celebrate you and as a member of the human race, you show us that the sky is not limiting, rather its wide enough for dreamers. May our dreams never die.

  3. Truly amazing accomplishment-navigating through it all is more than Exceptional, its mark of “Excellence & Honor” to the STEM field & “womenhood”…🎇🎈🎆

  4. It is about time people figured out that what skin you have dose not limit what you are capable of
    We all have brains and we all have a body that function the same way, except some parts are different for male and female. But still we are the same!!!!!


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