May 29, 2024

Kim Klacik Joins WCBM AM 680 as Host, Bringing Unique Perspective on Baltimore and National Issues

Kim Klacik
Kim Klacik

WCBM AM 680, Baltimore’s leading talk radio station, has announced the addition of Kim Klacik to its talented roster of hosts. Klacik, who gained national attention during her 2020 campaign for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, will be hosting the 9am-12 noon time slot on WCBM AM 680 starting on May 1st, 2023.

WCBM AM 680 has been a trusted source for news and information in the Baltimore area for almost a century. The station is committed to delivering programming that is both informative and entertaining, and with the addition of Kim Klacik, they are doubling down on this commitment.

Klacik, a rising star in conservative politics, is a vocal advocate for policies that promote economic growth and opportunity. Her unique perspective on the issues facing Baltimore and the nation as a whole makes her a valuable addition to the WCBM team. Sean Casey, Program Director of WCBM AM 680, expressed his excitement about Klacik’s addition, saying that “Her energy, passion, and commitment to Baltimore are second to none, and we know that our listeners will appreciate her insights on the issues that matter most to them.”

Klacik first gained national attention during her campaign for Congress in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. Her campaign ad, which showed her walking through the streets of Baltimore and highlighting the city’s blight and crime problems, went viral and brought national attention to the issues facing the city. Since then, she has become a regular commentator on Fox News and other conservative media outlets, and has continued to be a vocal advocate for policies that promote economic growth and opportunity.

“I am excited to join the team at WCBM and have the opportunity to engage with listeners in the Baltimore area,” said Klacik. “I believe that conservative principles and policies are the key to unlocking the potential of this great city, and I look forward to sharing my ideas and insights with the WCBM audience.”

Listeners can tune in to WCBM AM 680 starting on May 1st to hear Klacik’s new show. In addition to her daily radio program, she will continue to be a vocal advocate for conservative policies and work to promote economic growth and opportunity in Baltimore and beyond.

With Klacik’s addition to the team, WCBM AM 680 is sure to continue providing listeners with thought-provoking discussions and diverse perspectives on the issues that matter most to the Baltimore community.

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