Marine Corps Veteran and Trump Voter: “American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan will be my lifeline”

On Friday, Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, and Trump voter Austin Mank penned an op-ed in the Portland Press Herald in Maine, to voice his support for President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan.

“It’s time our government put hard-working people first and provide good jobs and health care options for all Americans. We need to get America working again. We need to get the economy started again. We need to get people healthy again. The American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan are what we need to get back on our feet,” Mank writes.

Mank, as he describes it, currently works three jobs: delivering packages for FedEx, keeping his small business afloat and trying to take care of his wife Cindy, whose history of strokes have left her unable to care for herself.

“The last few years have felt like we were just holding on,” Mears writes.

COVID took an extra toll on Mank. No longer aided by home care workers to care for Cindy, he was left alone to fend for both of them. Mank writes that he’s not afraid to work hard, but feels his hard work should be rewarded with a good life.

That’s why Mank supports President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan.

“The American Jobs Plan will bring back more good-paying jobs that families like mine need. Currently, it also includes a $400 billion investment in home care work, which could help me find support I can afford for Cindy.

“The American Families Plan will ensure the elderly and people with disabilities like Cindy get the home care they need to survive and that all Americans can get the affordable health care they need to lead health and happy lives.”

Read the full op-ed below:

Press Herald: Commentary: I voted for Trump, but Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan will be my lifeline
[By Austin Mank, 6/25/21]

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