Full text: Media briefing remarks by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Egypt


Updated: March 8, 2021

Your Excellency, President El-Sisi,
Honourable Ministers,
Members of the Media,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr President,

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On behalf of my delegation, I wish to express my gratitude to you for hosting us so generously.

Our visit has offered us an opportunity to renew the strong bonds that exist between our two nations.

President El-Sisi and I have concluded important and fruitful talks, which were aimed at strengthening and deepening our bilateral relations.

Our discussions were held in a frank and open manner that was characterised by our commitment to forge a closer partnership.

I reminded President El-Sisi that this visit is a celebration and an acknowledgement of the history of solidarity shared by the our two people.

We indicated that the people of South Africa will always be grateful for the support we have received from Egypt during the days of our struggle for liberation.

I reminded the President of Africa House on Number 5 Ahmed Heshmat Street in Zamalek, which housed the offices of the African National Congress, and Radio Cairo, which allowed our movement to broadcast to Africa and to our people in South Africa, carrying a message of hope.

During our talks, we reviewed a wide range of issues of a bilateral, continental and global nature. 

We noted increased economic cooperation and trade relations between our two countries, which will stimulate the growing presence of South African and Egyptian companies in each other’s countries.

As the two governments, we have committed ourselves to create an enabling environment to reduce the cost, and improve the ease, of doing business in our respective countries. 

Our official talks also focused on regional, continental and international peace and security challenges. 

We noted with grave concern the continued instability and conflict in some parts of our sister countries. 

In this regard, we have reaffirmed our commitment to work together in pursuit of peace, stability and development on the Continent.

I reassured the President and his government that South Africa is committed to the ideals of Pan African unity and solidarity.

We have also congratulated President El-Sisi for the exemplary manner with which he has led the African Union as it’s Chairperson.

We appealed for closer cooperation between South Africa and all African countries on continental matters of peace, security, migration and development. We have also reaffirmed our commitment advancing the AU aspiration to silence the guns.

The African Continental Free Trade Area agreement is a practical example of the laudable continental strides that will facilitate greater intra-African trade, investment and development.

On the international front, we have re-affirmed our common view on the need to promote multilateralism, South-South cooperation and the broad interests of the developing world. 

We have reiterated our call for the reform of the global system of governance, in particular the United Nations Security Council, to be more equitable and representative of all regions of the world. 

In conclusion, we reaffirmed the importance of our historical and political relations. 

We have committed ourselves to working together to enhance close political, economic, security and social relations. We have also reaffirmed the need for stronger people to people relations and cultural exchanges between our two countries.

Your Excellency, 

Let me once again thank you and your Government for your hospitality and for hosting us in your beautiful country.

May we continue to aspire towards the dream of a road from Cape to Cairo, and reaffim our determination to achieve this dream.

I thank you.


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