My American story – Nonye Aghanya

How long have you been in the United States?

I have lived in the United States for over 27 years (Since January of 1992)

What has been your most memorable moment in the United States?

There are certainly a few but my most memorable moment was the publishing of first book, Simple Tips To Developing a Productive Clinician-Patient Relationship.

What has surprised you the most in the United States?

What has surprised me the most is that Americans have similar concerns and fears that we also experience in Africa. All countries have their strengths and shortcomings and the stability of a country is anchored in its ability to remain steadfast in its strength and continually work on improving its shortcomings.

What do you like the most about living in the United States?

I like the vast opportunities accessible to all to improve their quality of life through dedication and hard work irrespective of social status and class.

What do you miss the most about not living in Africa?

I miss the ease of human transparency and vulnerabilities that Africans tend to exhibit which contribute to the formation of more genuine relationships.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned about being in the United States?

 Being in the USA, the greatest value I’ve learned is that staying true to one’s core belief that every life is valuable and the belief of attributing life and worth to another’s existence will ultimately help to erase cultural disparities, misinformation, and prejudice. 

 What’s your biggest challenge in the United States?

Sharing tips to help improve communication so that people can interact with one another as their “true-selves”, first in healthcare and then in the general population.

What’s the biggest misconception about life in the United states that people in Africa have?

That healthcare is free for all in the USA

 They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be about?

My book will be about a young Nigerian girl who experienced her first brush with prejudicial belief as a nurse’s assistant while wholeheartedly trying to care for a patient. And how this experienced instigated her to help improve communication/trust development in America and beyond.

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  1. Hi everybody, here every person is sharing these know-how, so it’s pleasant to read this webpage, and I used
    to pay a visit this web site everyday.

  2. Brilliant piece, Nonye. You’ve always been a generous delightful person. Some things never change. You continue to touch lives. Wishing you blessings.

  3. Insprining as well as thought provoking Nonye, a life lesson to be more human and productive in life- Keep inspiring.

  4. Nonye,

    Story beautifully told. You sure have come a long way and by grace you have many more beautiful years ahead.

    I love your love for the Lord.

    Keep the light burning and shining bright.

  5. Your story is full of quiet strength and confidence. You have also inspired many younger people out there that there is no discrimination against excellence.

  6. What an inspiring story Nonye. You must have really worked hard to get to where you are today. It takes someone with a strong personality and strong belief in God to surmount what you went through at a young age . Well done and keep on with the wonderful work you are doing and don’t forget to keep the smile also.

  7. You are such a wonderful, generous person, not only does it shows when you SMILE, but also in person. It’s been my pleasure to get know you and your family in the past 6 or so years Nonye. I wish everyone who comes to know you will not take long to see wonderful you really are! Your patients are blessed to have you and I hope you continue your journey in with more blessings with you and your family. The love you have have people are sooo amazing! Keep up the good work and I am very proud of you 👍👌

  8. You have my prayers and support, Nonye. Keep on pressing forward towards that goal God has called you to receive.

  9. Thank you for sharing.
    You have had an Interesting and Inspiring life in the USA, Keep up with the addiction of singing praises to The LORD and Praying, may HE continue to guide you in your future endeavors.

    Segun Seye Israel.

  10. My Beautiful friend Nonye

    I cannot say how touched I was by every single word of your story . If I need to say my favorite ones, I would just copy and paste ! You are such a beautiful person , the kind of a rare brand and I would love to see more in our lost word .

    I am very blessed to be your friend and I hope we can meet personally one day .
    May God Bless you and your lovely family .

    Much Love

  11. Hi Nonye,
    It is indeed a great joy read your story here on TNA.
    Good to know a bit more about you and your actitivites since almost 3 decades in the US.
    Thanks for sharing almost everything about your life in nutshell thru this interview. I really like the answer you made for the question what are you addicted to? Your answer is the best one as that should be the ultimate aim of every child of God on this earth.
    The other answers too is well said. altogether it is a great experience to read thru.
    Keep up the good work.
    Wish you and yours all the best in the future life in US.
    Keep going.
    One small sorrow! you presented all the 3 kids, but, sad what about the other little one?
    A word to the TNA USA, hey why are you keeping your pages as not copy and paste free. If this option is given the cocmment authors can make soild comments on your posts. Anyways happy to be here for the first time. will visit again to read more. Keep sharing.
    All the best.
    ~Philip @ pvariel

  12. …Say Thank you with a warm smile…”
    Dear Nonye you are a very good person.
    Great story.
    Best wishes from Macedonia!

  13. Great to share your story with us and other aspiring emigrant. I wish you a successful stay in the US. God bless you

  14. Thank you so much Nonye

    For making one feel as smiling

    And for wishing

    That you smile always

    Thank you for being so refreshing

    In giving guidance

    Best wishes


  15. Your story is Inspiring. Never knew you married an Ivorian? Blessed with beauty and Brains. Nonye, Your Amazing! Nice Featured share.

  16. Thank you for sharing your story with us. This is a true example of courage, hard work, and resilience.

  17. Very interesting interview. Thank you to Nonye for giving readers chance to know her more.

  18. Amazing interview Nonye. The efforts are clearly can be seen in your interview. Great answers by the great Leader Nonye.

    Wish you all the success

  19. Great conversation Nonye! Your resilience, your journey and your passion are all very evident in your words here. You’re doing incredible things and I wish you the very best to soar higher in life always! Onwards and up my friend!

  20. Telling story is an art and when is based on pragmatic way that nothing like it.
    Further taking initiative is the most important factor which inspire others.
    Thank you for sharing !!!

  21. 👏👏👏Kudos Nonye! We can all learn a little more from you! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!!

  22. Beautiful interview,thank you dearly Nonye ,appreciate your all efforts and all you are doing.
    Warm wishes from Istanbul Turkey Nesli


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