Nancy Pelosi: ‘coronavirus running free in the White House’

The coronavirus pandemic “is running free in the White House,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday on CBS’ “Face The Nation.

Pelosi said Republicans should ensure the passage of the COVID-19 rescue package the House passed last week to prevent the coronavirus from “running free,” and help millions of Americans who need unemployment benefits, address the lapses in testing and tracing associated with the coronavirus.

Pelosi said now that coronavirus is “even running free in the White House,” the federal government should take it seriously and do what needs to be done to “crush the virus.”

“For a long time, the Republicans in Congress and this President have been anti science. They don’t trust science and they don’t believe in governance,” she said.

“Science says you should be testing, tracing, treating, mask wearing, sanitation, separation and the rest, and you don’t believe in science, and you don’t want to govern to say this is what you have to do, then you have more deaths, more spread of the virus,” she added.

President Donald Trump is currently battling the coronavirus at the Walter Reed National Medical Center just outside Washington DC after he was moved there on Friday for proper care.

Melania Trump has also contracted the virus as well as three Republican Senators, a former governor, several of Trump’s current and former advisers and three journalists.

And while President Trump has the best coronavirus care, about 750 Americans continue to die from the disease every day, and the country is recording more than 43,000 infections daily as well.

About 210,000 Americans have been killed by coronavirus, the worst death toll in the world, and more than 7.3 people in the United States have contracted the deadly bug.

Health experts have warned that as the country moves into the cold season, more people would likely die, with a model developed by the Washington State University projecting close to 200,000 new deaths in the United States by January 1.

Yet, despite the seriousness of the disease, Republicans seem to have tried to push it in the background of the campaign, claiming the worst was behind and things were normalizing.

Recent statistics, however, show that the virus is accelerating dangerously in the United States, with cases increasing dramatically in more than 30 states.

Pelosi and the Democrats passed a $2.2 billion stimulus plan last week to battle coronavirus and rescue the economy, but the Republicans have so far not done much to take it up and pass it with the urgency it deserves. Instead, the Republicans seem to have come to the conclusion that a Supreme Court vote, not the people who elected them, is more important at the moment, just 30 days to election day.

As the country waits for the lawmakers to strike a deal, many continue to suffer, and may continue to do so until the presidential vote takes place on November 3.

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