November 26, 2022

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne leaves White House, replaced by Adrienne Watson

Emily Horne
Emily Horne

Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 09:34 am

The White House National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne announced on Wednesday that she was leaving her job and would be replaced by Adrienne Watson.

“Press colleagues – today is my final day at the NSC,” Ms. Horne wrote before saying that Adrienne Watson would be taking her position to interact with the media.

She wrote, “If you’ll indulge me: I chose a career in communications in large part because I believe so deeply in the importance of a free press. It’s why one of my top priorities coming back into the NSC was to help restore respect and open lines of regular communication with our colleagues in the press corps, as we worked to rebuild trust at home and around the world.

Emily Horne

“Even when we’ve quibbled over deadlines, ground rules, and quotes, it’s been with an appreciation that your journalism is essential to the health of our democracy and the promotion of the values and rights we cherish. Thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you these past 14 months—it’s been an honor and a joy (yes, even when it’s midnight and North Korea has just tested something scary).

“As I take a beat to spend time with my endlessly patient family—most importantly, my kindergartner and toddler—I’ll be cheering on your essential work and wishing you all the best.”

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