New York community protests, demands justice for George Floyd

There are many allies of the black community but who needs to stand up the most right now are our youth.

The protests that have taken place worldwide in a statement for black bodies continued on Thursday leading from Brooklyn Bridge to Washington Square Park and beyond.

Protestors met after a memorial with the family of George Floyd, a black man who was shown on camera being detained with a knee to his neck as he pleaded in now infamous words “I can’t breathe”.

This caused a stir as it repeated the exact instance that Eric Garner also lost his life to police brutality in 2014.

This was a chant used by many protestors, which included historically black fraternities and youth.


Many spoke out on the injustices of police violence faced by the black man in America.

Even though NYPD held a looming presence during the march, this did not deter voices of the community.

It did not deter many of the youth who took to the streets showing a side of the protests that are usually hidden behind brutality and looting.

Protestors not only took to chanting but kneeling as well. This show of solidarity and unity was made popular by ex-football player turned civil rights activist, Colin Kaepernick. He took the knee in 2016 during the United States Anthem in response to the killings of unarmed black men nationwide.

Since then, there have been many debates on this form of protesting as to some it represented solidarity while to others it was considered too disrespectful to the United States flag and military.

Because this was done in response to the abuse of black bodies it is important that the view of black youth be the ones who speak up about this.

During a protest on Thursday, June 4, one young man showed up with his speaker blasting music that spoke of the many injustices of police violence. As a group of protestors took a knee and a moment of silence, this young man stood in defiance.

“I’m black, why should I have to kneel?”

For many the only voices that can speak up for the community is the community.

There were many allies of the black community who showed up to take this walk leaving behind memory of the bodies it took to get to this moment.

Black men in suits, some with a Panafrican flags, others with a strong fist raised in the air, took this historical moment to bring the people together around their black bodies.

It is hard to determine what next steps will be taken in response to these nationwide protests. Though just recently the four cops who were caught on camera detaining George Floyd have now been taken into police custody and charged.

To one protestor this was a good sign toward police reform as “Only James Bond has a license to kill.”

It is not believed that these protests will end because of these turn of events though some believe that it won’t maintain its momentum in the upcoming days. Only time will tell.

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