Nigerian activist thanks America over release of Omoyele Sowore and Sambo Dasuki

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A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank has commended U.S. senators and government for putting pressure on the Nigerian government to release Omoyele Sowore and Sambo Dasuki.

Frank said without pressure from the U.S. government and American senators, Sowore would still be languishing in DSS detention despite a court order to release him on bail.

“Truly the American government is the police of the world,” Frank said.

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Dasuki, a former National Security Adviser, detained for four years and accused of corruption by the Buhari administration was kept in detention despite court orders to release him on bail. Sowore, a presidential candidate in the 2019 election and publisher of online newspaper Sahara Reporters, was rearrested in court on December 6 this year despite being released on bail a day earlier following an ultimatum by a judge. Both men were released on Tuesday following an order by the attorney general and minister of justice.

President Muhammadu Buhari, a former military dictator-turned democrat has repeatedly shown his disdain for the separation of powers and rule of law in Nigeria, and early this year, shortly before the presidential election, he removed the supreme court justice when it became apparent the apex court may disqualify him for failure to provide his secondary school certificate. He accused the head of the supreme court of corruption as well.

In a statement on Wednesday sent to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington D.C., Frank also thanked all Nigerians, especially a human right lawyer, Femi Falana, who stood up to fight for justice even in the mist of threats.

He asked ‘General Buhari’s government’ to apologize to Sowore and Dasuki for violations of their rights.

He also called on the USA, EU, UN and all lovers of democracy, including Nigerians in the diaspora to put more pressure on the Nigerian government to release other political prisoners.

He said: “General Buhari’s government has succeeded in oppressing its citizens, no more freedom of speech and the right to assemble, just a few days ago, General Buhari/APC thugs beat to stupor Deji Adeyanju, the activist, for protesting the continued detention of Sowore, yet the ruling party had the nerve to accuse the opposition party of masterminding the attack, indeed this government is not only clueless but shameless.

“I appeal to the USA, EU and all democratic countries where rule of law applies to issue visa ban on the government officials of this clueless government whose stock in trade is to disobey court orders that don’t favor them, oppress Nigerians by depriving them of their fundamental human right to associate and express themselves freely, this government is very powerful when it comes to oppressing innocent Nigerians but very weak when it comes to fighting corruption and insurgency.

“No government has disgraced and embarrassed Nigeria before the international community like Buhari government, it took the USA senators to speak out before sowore was released while our Nigerian senators are busy rubber stamping all Buhari’s request to the senate.

“I call on the USA government despite the blackmail to do more to ensure that other political detainees and journalists are freed.

“Sowore like Dasuki were granted bail by courts of competent jurisdiction but the tyrant General Buhari and the cabal decided to flaunt the order. Dasuki spent 4 years in DSS detention despite several bail granted by the courts while Sowore was rearrested a day after he was granted bail without charges.

“It is a shame that this government cannot put its house in order, they speak from both sides of the mouth as they are clueless.

“Just last week, the AGF Malami said he cannot order the DSS to release Sowore without recourse to the court, yet a week later, he ordered the same DSS to release Sowore.

“What has changed in a week to make the AGF order the DSS to release Sowore? It is the pressure from the international community, especially the American senators and the USA government that compelled this clueless government to release Sowore.

“A few days ago, Femi Adesina, the spokesperson of General Buhari said nobody appointed the USA the police of the world, yet a few days later, they have not only released Sowore but they also released Dasuki and the AGF suddenly remember that he can appeal their bail. The fear of the police of the world made you release Sowore”.


Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
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