December 6, 2022

Nigerian Olabisi Olatunde Ololade explains why she’s self isolating as five new coronavirus cases are reported

Olabisi Olatunde Ololade
Olabisi Olatunde Ololade

Olabisi Olatunde Ololade, a Nigerian living in the commercial city of Lagos on Wednesday fired an urgent message to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington D.C. explaining why she and her friends have decided to work from home as the novel coronavirus cases multiply in Nigeria.

Her urgent message came following a tweet on Wednesday by the Nigerian centre for disease control (NCDC) reporting five new cases.

NCDC reported that five people who arrived Nigeria from the United States and the United Kingdom had tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to eight.

NCDC said three persons who came from the United States, including a mother and her six-week old baby, and two Nigerians who arrived from the United Kingdom had tested positive for the virus that causes a respiratory disease known as COVID-19.

“A detailed travel history of each case is being compiled & contact tracing has begun

“Our National Emergency Operations Centre is supporting response in the states

“The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Health is conducting risk assessment to initiate other relevant measures”, said a tweet by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control.

“We urge Nigerians to remain calm as public health response activities are intensified across the country”, NCDC said, without further information on where the cases were discovered.

With all that going on, Nigerian Olabisi Olatunde Ololade sent a message to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington D.C., saying she did not feel safe and had decided to work from home after an eye-opener round trip from Lagos to Abuja.

“Hello! Somebody should please talk to us, this is becoming ridiculous! we are people and we need to be told what’s happening,” she wrote.

“My friends and I have decided to work from home because many things are happening around us as this coronavirus spreads. Confirmed cases in Nigeria have jumped from one to three, and now to eight.

“It does not seem the government is doing anything. The other day, I traveled to Abuja and came back to Lagos, and on the two way flight I took, there were no checking of any sort, we all just entered the plane and got off.

“When I got back home, I began hearing that there were some expatriates dying from COVID-19 around us. They just died.

“Still, no one is addressing us. Recently a friend went to Botswana and most passengers were from China and Europe and no one dared to check them on their return. They just filled forms and were allowed into the country.

“Because of lack of checks and pro-active measures, my friends and I have decided to work from home until the situation becomes clearer.

“I am just a concerned Nigerian”.

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