Multi-millionaire Nigerian politicians and their jets stuck at home with ill-equipped hospitals amid COVID-19 pandemic as their billions of stolen assets sit idle abroad


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  1. Hide Behind says:

    Medicines from US?
    Overn80% of US pharmaceutis are produced in China.
    Pharma are notduty free in most Africannations and havebadded cost due to ortnfees, trucking firms and thenwhatever medical systems can charge recipients.
    The wages paid out to NGO workers and parent organizations infrastructures can total above cost of pharma goods .
    European, Asian and US Banks give loans and grants to political systems whose bureaucrats skim funds from and recieve first and choicest rewards, and the nations people have to pay cost + interest from future earnings.
    Banks funds end up firstly into Pharmas or for that matter industries of issuing nations firms.
    To repay a nations resources are used, resources owned by that nations political financial elites who have already gotten disproportionate funds of loans.
    Privatization, almost always, ends up in foreign control of what were once publics tax supported programs, and yet the nations debt never gets paid down, politely and financials send funds overseas.
    GOVERNMENTS are meant to rule in favor of the few, at the cost to the many, Hovernments and those people in it use Government to support tmselves.
    If real change is to come it has to come from people outside of government.
    International organizations, WHO, WTO, UN, Anesty International are in reality no more than political/financial entities, and their humans are drawn from political elites .
    Being s how most of worlds population cannot stand up lack of backbone, nor think for themselves, they will remain no more than herd animals needing masters to “Govern” them.
    Tis been such since man was first born.

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