July 14, 2024

Nigerian President Buhari Offers Condolences for U.S. Embassy Officials Killed in Attack

Buhari and Biden
President Muhammadu Buhari with Joe Biden

President Muhammadu Buhari expressed condolences for the loss of lives in two separate incidents in Nigeria, one involving the killing of two United States embassy officials and Nigerian policemen, and the other resulting in several casualties in Plateau and Benue States.

“I was very sad hearing about the killing of the embassy staff and our policemen accompanying them. In this difficult time for the families of those killed, the American Embassy and the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, I extend the nation’s condolences over the very sad incident,” said President Buhari.

The attack on the U.S. convoy vehicle in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, resulted in the tragic deaths of two American embassy officials and two Nigerian policemen. No harm was reported to U.S. citizens.

Separately, several individuals lost their lives in Bwoi District of Mangu Local Government Area in Plateau State, Adaka village in Makurdi Local Government, and Ijaha community in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State. The attacks in Plateau and Benue states are said to have left more than a 100 people dead.

President Buhari expressed deep sorrow and offered sincere condolences to the families affected by these gruesome incidents. He assured the American Embassy, the Nigeria Police Force, and the communities in Plateau and Benue that the government remains committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Authorities are actively investigating both incidents to gather more information and determine the identities of those responsible. Updates will be provided as the investigations progress.

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