Nigerian Wendy Okolo, one of the few black women to obtain PhD in Aerospace engineering who works at NASA, wins big award in U.S.


Nigerian-born Dr. Wendy Okolo is 2019 most promising engineer in the United States government.

She was crowned winner of Black Engineer of the Year Awards, BEYA, for her accomplishments in the domain of aerospace engineering.   

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Dr. Wendy Okolo is one of the few black women to earn a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering when she was just 26 years old.

She currently works at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, and is the special emphasis programs manager at Ames Research Center and also a research engineer in the Discovery and Systems Health Technology (DaSH) Area.

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According to The Cabel, Okolo talked about her experience piloting the world’s fastest manned aircraft which flies from coast to coast in 67 minutes.

“I was like I’m sure, these guys are so smart, what am I going to bring to the table. I was given an assignment to correct an error in a code system which I did and that momentarily ended the impostor syndrome.”


I was like I’m sure, these guys are so smart, what am I going to bring to the table. I was given an assignment to correct an error in a code system which I did and that momentarily ended the impostor syndrome

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A research engineer with NASA since 2016, according to her LinkedIn profile, the 30-year-old who already has some 13 publications in aircraft engineering and expresses herself in 4 different languages is poised to scale more ladders as she continues to break grounds inspiring not just black women but Africa as a whole.


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  1. congratulations! you have done Africa proud! keep scaling the heavens as you discover more of what your creator chooses to show you!

  2. Greetings my brothers and sisters. Indeed, is a milestone. Dr. Wendy Okolo is another Door-Opener, a legend, a trendsetter.

    Let me first and foremost, seize this opportunity to congratulate you, Dr. Okolo, for this remarkable pacesetting acheivement. Congratulations.

    Let me proceed to thank those who are questioning the classication that is based on race, national origin and gender when in fact, NASA’s inherent objective and endeavor is to promote scientific and technological advancements to benefit peoples in multifaceted dimentions, irrespective of such peoples’ geopolitical locations, social statuses or gender.

    Let me remind you that since the years the Pilgrims set feet on the American soil, and through subsequent years, these classifications & distinctions have been in place, where the Blacks particularly, have been subjugated, maligned to a point where, Black achievements were denied, underrated or greeted with scepticism and smock in our faces.
    In most cases, our recognition for any achievements hardly came by, and when they finally came, they were a dollar short and a penny late. Our achievements and our rights were viewed with intolerance and scorn, a systemic degradation, entrenched, legalized and inductrinated into the national psyche of our human kinds.

    However, it became imperative that this distinctions be made that have served as eye opener to those who classified our cognition within the lower ranks of animals, and an ispiration for other Blacks who are determined to be legendary in uplifting or removing the tap placed on how far we can excell.

    In light of this, I believe we must view these classifications with the salt they deserve and continue to make meaningful contributions toward global civilization and progress as Dr. Wendy Okolo has, in joining the ran and files of pioneers who led the match toward our unrelenting yearn for complete freedom, equality and justice.
    I hope those with the opportunities can help in tearing down this wall.

    Once again, congratulations Dr. Wendy Okolo for another mark in the sand.

  3. First I want to say congratulations Dr. Okolo. Your hard work and dedication got you where your are today. You were not recognized because of your race or ethnicity. You were recognized for your accomplishment.

  4. Congratulations you are obviously a very intelligent woman. Your story will encourage girls from Nigeria and from many other countries including Canada. I’m sure you will do great things.

  5. I am very proud of you Dr. Wendy, you have shown great quality of a true Nigerian. I believe others can learn and follow suit. God bless for making your country proud.

  6. Makes me want to jump and shout .I am a 75 year old Diasporan African from South America
    We need qualified diasporan Africans to assist in our impending development since all the recent oil dicoveries

  7. On behalf of the ELDERS Council of the Nigerian Community of Montreal Quebec Canada, CONGRATULATIONS and WISHING you MORE success on your journey, and God’s endless blessings

  8. Dr. Wendy Okolo I and millions of Nigerians & Africans rejoice with you on your great achievements. You are a shining example to all Nigerians and women especially all over the world. God gave you a unique opportunity and you took positive advantage of it and became a celebrated academic quality. I hope Nigerian leaders who are only interested in power and stealing money will learn from your successes and develop our educational system so that the country can produce more of Wendy Okolo. CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. Comment: I need her number. Who can assist me. My son is doing Aeronautical Engineering. This lady can provide a lot of motivation and guidance

  10. Congratulation to her. African people in America have made great contributions since the African American civil rights movement opened up the doors for them to come here to study and prosper. They add to the accomplishments of African people in America for four hundred years. Good job.

  11. Wow am so happy to hear of our African women coming up, Congrats Wendy,you are the kind of women to use as an example to our fellow Africans to empower them come up too.

  12. Congratulations Dr and the achievement recognized by all men. best of good luck and wish you more. Well the gender balance is encourage in this juncture.what a man can do a woman can do.

  13. Congratulations Dr Wendy Okolo May you, a Seed, multiply in our children and blessed be your parents and all those who have groomed you IJN

  14. I couldn’t help but notice that there were several references, and several references were missing. Present were black woman and Nigerian. I feel that cheapens her accomplishment. If we usually are united we stand it must be understood that her achievement is fantastic. Not as a black woman Nigerian. She’s am American citizen I’m thinking. Was she born in Nigeria or born of Nigerian parents why legally immigrated to the United states? See how the article takes away from her accomplishments. I would think she would want to be considered successful against blacks, whites, etc. American is not a color, to say that she succeeded at achieving her PhD before she was 30, speaks 4 languages, earned respect through knowledge and performance (gindingvthe code error), etc is far better than qualifying her sucess through a skin color or home country of her parents. Before anyone kills the white boy (that would be me) take a minute and consider you we can grow as a nation together instead of feeding into the keep the hate alive narrative wigs us used to decide the country so certain people and parties can profit from the control of others. Wow, that’s a lot more than I started to say, but hopefully the readers will see,my point. Congratulations again on your achievements. I think you may want to,be known as an Americian success story,, great job.

  15. Nwannem Dr Wendy Okolo, congratulations and thank you for representing. A great role model! Has color got anything to do with it?
    One thing is obvious: nothing bad has ever been associated with BLESSED MELANIN.
    To God be the glory!

  16. Nwannem Dr Wendy Okolo, congratulations and thank you for representing. A great role model! Has color got anything to do with it?
    One thing is obvious: nothing bad has ever been associated with BLESSED MELANIN.
    To God be the glory!

  17. Congratulations Dr. Okolo. We are very proud of you. Continue to depend on God, give glory to Him. Blessings to you for future endeavors,

  18. I noticed a few things some misunderstood…
    1. This trailblazer, Dr. Wendy Okolo, was the first Black Woman to obtain a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. That means that of all the women in the world who identify as African/Black, she was the FIRST TO EARN this education. However, this is not what the award is for.
    2. This supremely intelligent and creative person, Dr. Wendy Okolo, did not win this award because she’s a woman or simply because she’s African/Black. The award was presented by Black Engineer Magazine, at the Black Engineer of the Year Awards ceremony, hence the acknowledgement of her ethnicity. This is significant because it means she has been raised up and set apart in this recognition by her peers, and more specifically by this subset who very clearly understand the challenges she’s faced in her meteoric rise (pun intended). The award is for Most Promising Engineer – Government, NOT Most Promising BLACK Engineer… you get what I’m saying.
    3… and most important in my opinion. The significance of this Queen and industry leader, Dr. Wendy Okolo, winning is not to show white people that we are smart or can do things. It is to remind US, people of African origin, that we possess an unimaginable depth of knowledge in our very DNA, that we are capable of ALL that we pour our everything into, and barriers exist to prove to ourselves just how high we can jump to reach our goals. And many times, when we jump, we end up flying.

  19. Congratulations Dr Wendy. A product of Africa. Glory be to God. May the Lord God Almighty continue upholding, giving more wisdom and blessing you in Jesus name. I pray that many young people will be inspired. Many girl children will be encouraged to be educated. Educate a girl child, you educate the world! Remain blessed.

  20. Congratulations to our Dr. Wendy Okolo for a great achievement. You just shows The White man that African people are also intelligent.
    God Bless you more
    Stay blessed. 🙏


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