Nigerians At War Over Claims By President Buhari’s Sister That She Speaks With Him Every 10 Hours

By Simon Ateba/Lagos

Nigerians are at war with one another over claims by President Muhammadu Buhari’s sister that she speaks with the President daily and even every 10 hours. They have been clashing on the social media with the President’s supporters wishing him quick recovery and his detractors saying he had died or should quickly die and allow the country in crisis to recover.

Hajiya Rakiya, the only surviving elder sister of President Buhari, appealed to Nigerians to continue to pray for the well being of the President, instead of spreading rumours about his health.

President Buhari’s sister said the Nigerian leader is hale and hearty and there is nothing suggesting things were as bad as many had claimed in mischievous rumours.

Rumours have been spreading like wild fire that President Buhari had either died in the United Kingdom where he is on medical vacation or was under intensive care.

But the Presidency had dismissed such rumours as malicious and warned that those behind them would be arrested and prosecuted. President Buhari, who was due to resume work on Monday, February 6, extended his stay in London to attend to his health.

With that extension, the social media went agog with those who had claimed that the President was incapacitated, saying they had been vindicated. As supporters of Buhari and his detractors clashed on the social media, on Wednesday, The News Agency of Nigeria quoted President Buhari’s 84-year old sister as saying that she speaks with him every day. He is very well. He’s not dead. Not about to die anytime soon.

She said when she was recently in Saudi Arabia, she was even speaking with the President every ten hours.

The reactions were swift after her story was published on and the article shared on

Nigerians went for each other’s throats with those wishing the President quick recovery and those saying he had long died. It was a free for all. Read some of the comments below.

Celestine Ilo NnabuikeI pray for quick recovery of mr. President. But how did we get into this kind of mess, is pmb sister our information minister or any member of the president s spokes men. APC have realized that talk is cheap hence they can’t even manage information bothering on pmb health status. What a misguided government
5 Replies · 5 hrs
Olayinka Isola ChelseaSome unrepentant Thomases would still disbelieve this truth.
Like · Reply · Message · 2 · 10 hrs
Ibrahim NdabagiFor those wishing our president dead,they should know even if he die there father can’t be the president
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2 Replies · 8 hrs
Sabo InuwaJust imagine what such rumor could do such a person. When have we bcom so mean in this country?
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 11 hrs

Rockson Udoh WilsonHahahahaha! APC criminals can bring plenty ghost from the grave to say they saw Buhari prove that he not dead.

Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 8 hrs
Ini ObidikeCan these people give us a new definition of ‘hale and hearty’ Biko?
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 9 hrs
Ibrahim AbdulkadirMay Allah grant him quick recovery Amin.
Like · Reply · Message · 6 · 11 hrs
Isabella Ijeoma IjomahWhen he’s hale & hearty, why does he seriously need our prayers?
4 Replies · 8 hrs
PrinceLucky OnojaWith this every body will be happy that president is fine. We will not stop praying for him.I decree healing on him in Jesus name Amen
Ashogbon MichaelPresident is hale and hearty, so why does he need my prayer about his health again.
Chukwuanu HymanOld woman tell ur brother to give us biafra or he will die
Asogwa ChristopherMay God keep him, but sister, please tell him to also speak to Nigerians.
Huzaifa IdrisYes mom,may Allah give him health in every nook and cranny.we like our president,we have jingoism in our heart.i wish a quick recuperation mr presiden
Suberu NasiruGod willing, nothing will happen to our president.
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Abubakar AhmedOsita , it may be your turn before pmb…So, rip in advance…
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 11 hrs
1 Reply
Uzor IsaiahRip buhari
AWUF NAIJA NewsImportant Post !
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2 Replies · 10 hrs
Emeh Okechukwuif you like be buhari mother, all i know buhari is death
Ebono ChristianTell your brother the truth Nigerians dislike his attitude…
Abeni RajiI pray for him quickly recovery amen
Agbonme Osasif is nt dead den wer is he
Ali Lawaldoubting thomas over to u ppl.
Odewale M OlusholaPMB quick recovery on my mind
Wilson Tambo Jr.all lies
Sam Uche MacaulayIs a lie
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