NYC Congressional candidate Ydanis Rodriguez pledges to wage war against poverty and fight tooth and nail for black and brown America

New York City Congressional Candidate Ydanis Rodriguez has promised to wage war against poverty and fight for the interests of black and brown people.

Dominican-American Ydanis Rodriguez is a council member for the 10th Council District of New York city which includes Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill. He also serves as the Chairman of the Council Transportation Committee, and speaks greatly for the working class people of color in his community.

Ydanis Rodriguez  
Ydanis Rodriguez (middle)

In a recent interview with Off the Record, Ydanis spoke of his goals for changing the poverty within the Bronx which he listed as the poorest district in NYC.

“I would provide the residence of these 15 congressional districts a voice that will be heard loud and clear. Because what we havev seen is that poverty has been marginalized”

Ydanis hopes to speak out not just for  latino/latina brothers and sisters but also for Black America, Asian America, African America and others representations within working class communities.

“I had an opportunity to meet with large number of African leaders from Mali, from Ghana, from Nigeria from South Africa, from many countries in Africa who live here who have made the Bronx the borough with the largest number of Africans that they have come to the US to New York city in the last couple of decades, they know my story as someone that lived with a green card from 1983 to 2000 is a similar story to some of them”

Ydanis Rodriguez  
Ydanis Rodriguez

His background has given Ydanis the experience of seeing the skills and talents of many people who have gone through a similar story and he hopes to spread the voice of these people in what he calls a war against Poverty.

While poverty is not discriminatory, history has shown how systematically, people of color have experienced the brunt of it. In his anti-poverty movement Ydanis brings up the concept of organizing.

“Organizing educators, immigrants, someone that knows how to build bridges. My agenda will be the agenda of the African community. Will be the agenda of the Puerto Ricans, not only in the Bronx but in the island. It will be my agenda of the Italians who live close to the Bronx zoo or the Asian community.”

Ydanis Rodriguez has been busy in his campaign traveling around the city in support of small businesses, coronavirus testing and speaking out to the communities he greatly advocates for. In response to the lack of black owned businesses within the Bronx he responds,

“We need to take control of our destiny. We have to have the white progressive leadership in our society to pull themselves a part to open a place of diversity in leadership.”

With elections fast approaching June 23rd it is important for those who believe in this way of change to carefully investigate and select their candidates. Ydanis believes that he pulls a part from his competition in the upcoming elections but that it is up to the people to realize this.

“We have to exercise our right to vote because that’s how we have to change. It’s not the only way but it’s one mechanism.”

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