November 28, 2022

Olusegun Obasanjo blames TPLF for Ethiopia’s war that killed nearly 600,000 Tigrayans

Olusegun Obasanjo, Former Nigerian President
Olusegun Obasanjo, Former Nigerian President
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Former Nigerian President and African Union Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Olusegun Obasanjo has blamed the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for starting the nearly two-year war that has left about 600,000 Tigrayans dead.

In an opinion piece published in a new American publication known as SEMAFOR, Obasanjo detailed his role as a peacemaker and the difficulties he overcame to reach the November 2 peace agreement in South Africa and the Nairobi declaration in Kenya, and seemed to place the blame on the TPLF’s attack on Ethiopian Defence Forces garrison in Tigray on November 4, 2020.

He said, “On Nov. 4 2020, the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Defence Forces garrison in Tigray. In response, Prime Minister Abiy ordered what was labeled “law and order action” to punish the alleged impunity of TPLF. The war raged for two years devastatingly and directly over four regions in Ethiopia – Tigray, Amhara Afar, Oromia. There was no part of the country that did not feel the effect of the war  in one way or the other.

Obasanjo added that “Some of the neighbors of Ethiopia such as Eritrea and Sudan had their part in the war directly and indirectly, and all countries in the Horn were impacted indirectly by the social, economic and political fallout.”

He said that with immense devastation, reconstruction in Ethiopia may cost about $25 billion.

Read his full opinion here: Olusegun Obasanjo: How Ethiopia’s peace plan will work

President Olusegun Obasanjo is the former President of the Republic of Nigeria, overseeing that country’s return to democracy. He is the African Union’s envoy to the Horn of Africa and oversaw the peace talks in Ethiopia. He is chairman of The Brenthurst Foundation.

Over the last fifteen months, I have been working as High Representative of African Union in the Horn of Africa to promote peace, security and stability. Because of its strategic position and the conflict raging in its northern region of Tigray, the focus and fulcrum has been Ethiopia.

After receiving my mandate from the Chairperson of AU Commission, Ambassador Moussa Faki Mahamat, I set out to seek the point of entry into a conflict which dates back to Solomonic times in the Bible or back to 2018 when Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy assumed office, depending on whom you are talking to.

Whatever the history, background or remote causes of the civil war in Tigray region, its immediate cause was not unconnected with the assumption of office by Prime Minister Abiy and the reaction of Tigray leadership to what they perceived as the policies and programs of the prime minister. The last straw was the attack on the northern command of the Ethiopian Army located in Tigray by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

On Nov. 4 2020, the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Defence Forces garrison in Tigray. In response, Prime Minister Abiy ordered what was labeled “law and order action” to punish the alleged impunity of TPLF. The war raged for two years devastatingly and directly over four regions in Ethiopia – Tigray, Amhara Afar, Oromia. There  was no part of the country that did not feel the effect of the war  in one way or the other.

Some of the neighbors of Ethiopia such as Eritrea and Sudan had their part in the war directly and indirectly, and all countries in the Horn were impacted indirectly by the social, economic and political fallout.

The destruction caused in the Tigray region which was the main theater of the war was very high in human and material losses. It has been estimated that no fewer than 600,000 people died directly in battle or as a result of disease and the lack of access to humanitarian aid.

If destruction of lives caused directly and indirectly in other parts of Ethiopia particularly in Amhara, Afar, and Oromia is added, the estimated total lives lost in Ethiopia civil war would be close to one million. The cost of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of private and public properties and institutions has been estimated at about $25 billion.

To the quantifiable loss of lives and properties and other material losses must be added the unquantifiable losses of opportunities occasioned by the war. The cost of the destruction of trust  and the breakdown of relationships within and without the country is high and will take years if not decades to fully rebuild.

As I traversed the country consulting with regional leaders and stakeholders in all walks of life, I observed and felt the impact of the destruction and losses at close quarters. I witnessed the wailing and crying of those who had lost loved ones, the sites of mass graves. The frustration, anger, and desperation caused by war was everywhere to be seen.

At the same time, I encountered local and foreign people — particularly community leaders and people in the civil society – working tirelessly to give help, hope, succor and life to victims and those in need.

From the beginning of the civil war in November 2020, there were efforts made at the local, regional, continental and global levels to stop the violence and the accompanying losses. There were efforts by different groups at the national level to prevent degeneration into wars. There were similar efforts at bilateral and regional levels. And when the war began, greater efforts were mounted by friends of Ethiopia and Tigray people to bring about cessation of hostilities, unhindered humanitarian access, the restoration of services, and the search for political solutions to Ethiopia’s conflict.

Refusing to be discouraged, I continued with visits, consultations, and discussions to get face to start talks between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the leadership of Tigray people.

After eight months of intense shuttle diplomacy, including eight visits to Mekelle, Capital of Tigray, and the the Chairperson of AU Commission enlarging my panel with addition of former President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and former Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka of South Africa, we finally succeeded.

A peace agreement was signed by the delegates and representatives of the Ethiopian Federal Government, TPLF and the Tigray people on Nov. 2.

After five days of intense discussions in Nairobi Kenya in November,  the military commanders agreed on modalities for the implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement.

Any pessimist can dig holes in the agreement, undermine it and try to prevent it from being implemented. But no agreement between two belligerents for peace will ever be regarded as perfect by all because it must, necessarily, be based on compromise.

We can, however, strive for perfection in the implementation of the agreement in order to achieve the objectives of peace, security, constitutionality, stability, welfare and well-being, development, and progress of all concerned, especially the ordinary people of Ethiopia no matter where they live.

The agreement must be implemented in good faith, on the basis of peace with honor and dignity, constitutionality and stability.  Peace deals function on building trust, and that trust has to be nurtured, layered and reinforced from inside and outside.

All leaders of Ethiopia and all Ethiopians with their neighbors, partners and friends must join hands and accept the truth that there is ‘no victor, no vanquished’ if the possibility of peace, common security and shared prosperity, development and progress for all concerned is to be realized.

The peace agreement and its implementation must be owned by the leaders and people of Ethiopia. The panel and the observers are mere facilitators, there to provide a guiding hand if needed.

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  1. Kibrom tesfay says:

    The so called peace agreement is not the result of Obasanjo!! The former president were not accepted by the negotiating team from Tigray. He was contested for his impartiality and his genocidal campaign back in the 60s against the Biafra people in his home country. This agreement is the result of the push by the US and EU. Obasanjo’s claim to blame TPLF for the death of Tigrians shows his impartiality and even his extended hatred to minorities like the Biafra. His words are utter to demolish the peace agreement!

    • Tadios Tesfaye says:

      Seriously … attacking the messenger that tells the truth. You are despicable to both Tigray and Ethiopia. Yes he is absolutely right. EGO if I may add of TPLF leaders caused the people of Tigray to die a senseless death.

      • Tesfay Araya says:

        He is a pathological lair. How can such kind person midiate a peace negotiation? He is not blaming those who killed civilians. TPLF has the right to fight with whatever means and this has nothing to do with looting and killing civilians.

    • Ermias says:

      Do you know the historical pathogenesis of biafra war? Or just or Wikipedia knowledge? If TPLF does not accept Obasanjo as chief mediator why bother to sit in Pretoria? As far as the deal is concerned US & EU are observer.

    • Ethiopian says:

      You guys are possessed by strange demons. You prefer to lose thousands of your own people’s lives because you lost the privileges you enjoyed in the past 30 years that allowed you to do whatever you want in Ethiopia. You the got checked and you didn’t like that. The solution? very primitive and barbaric one. You committed genocide in Maikadra on Amharas, you invaded Afar and Amhara regions, you burned people alive to quench your Satanic hatred to the Amhara people, you destroyed properties of people you hate, etc. Guess what? those you shot at shot at you back! Now, you are reduced to some 30% of your “future independent country”. It is a matter of time till those bloody murderers you admire are put under the yoke of justice.

    • philios says:

      I don’t get it this is not professional peace maker ,you don’t judge to nobody if you were not involve on 11/4/2020 .

    • Legend says:

      Please read and note last paragraph: The peace agreement and its implementation must be owned by the leaders and people of Ethiopia. The panel and the observers are mere facilitators, there to provide a guiding hand if needed.

  2. Jumbo says:

    Tplf is violating the agreement, refusing to disarm and digging trenches in preparation for another round of conflict

    • Gulilat says:

      The peace agreement condemn that TPLF is wrong:
      ▪︎In making fonny election
      ▪︎In attacking Ethiopian Defence force
      ▪︎In building so called TDF
      ▪︎In using child solders
      ▪︎In invading Amhara and Afar region
      ▪︎Mass killings in Mykadra, Galykomma, Chinna, etc
      ▪︎In claiming as Tigray Government
      ▪︎In FAKE GENOCIDE propaganda
      ▪︎ In all its activities

  3. Tango says:

    Former president Obasanjo’s narratives are correct. This bloody war was initiated by TPLF leaders who formerly led the country for nearly 3 decades. Though TPLF as a former rebel organization controlled the central government for 27 years & were ruling political party, they didn’t even change the party’s name and continue as ‘liberation front’. They introduced tribal politics in Ethiopia and forced the adoption of a constitution which guarantees sessesion of any tribal entity if one wants to form a separate country.
    It is clear that TPLF leaders wanted to establish “Greater Tigray” after disintegrating the historical ancient nation. They looted more than 30 billion USD from Ethiopia, they were secretly purchasing, hiding/storing weapons & ammunition and they recruited/trained Tigryan army of hundreds of thousands. That was why they attacked the northern command to weaken the national defense forces and loot heavy weaponry.
    Before war started the government new their intention and send selected elderly people including top religious leaders, distinguished business people and women representing Ethiopian mothers begging TPLF leaders not to start armed conflict. These efforts which were tried at different times were not fruitful. TPLF leaders were disrespecting all those who were advocating for peace.
    Finally, the well planned and coordinated attack on the northern command was conducted on 03 November 2020 in more than 200 locations all over Tigray. Thousands of soldiers were slaughtered some of them were attacked while they were sleeping. After the attack TPLF leaders were in front of the local TV broadcast confirming their “preemptive” precision attack on the country’s armed forces.
    When their attack was reversed and their ntial plan failed, they started playing “minority attack” drama. They used all diplomatic strength they laid down for three decades, used hugly looted resources to facilitate media campaigns. Under the pretext of Eritrean refugees, they sent huge number of youngsters from Tigray to all over the world. Significant number of diaspora “from Tigray” were actually sent from Ethiopia as Eritrean refugees. The whole world could not clearly understand who the TPLF leaders are. These are looters, pathological liars and deeply tribalists. Most, if not all, were communists before they overthrew the former government in 1991.
    It is ironic that these TPLF leaders are depicted as pro-west while they were the ones who brought Chinese into the country. Billions of dollars were invested by China into the country. Thousands of TPLF’s family & friends were trained in China.
    Hope, the international community will understand the situation in Ethiopia and specially who TPLF leaders are. Ethiopia needs lasting peace!

    • Kkassahun hirutu says:

      Dear Tango ,the fact you mentioned about Tplf Junta ,is much more less than their crimes they did on peace loving people of Ethiopia .Still they are not feeling guilty concious of their past evil crimes.I hope time will be a good teacher .

    • Kassaqhun hirutu says:

      The fact ,you mentioned about The Junta Tplf ,much more less than the crimes they did on peace loving people of Ethiopia .They are not still feeling guilty concious oftheir past evil crimes I hope time will be a good teacher,.

    • Sisay says:

      Thank you mr. Obassanjo for putting out the truth but the whole truth about the acts of TPLF and the human and economical cost Tigray paid because of their inferiority complex and ego. Your testimony is equivalent to public burial of TPLF and the diaspora orphans

  4. Menassie Joseph says:

    Your Excellency,
    You have chosen to NOT mention the vibrant disastrous attack using missiles into Eritrea. Do you justify your honesty and concious by blaming Eritrea to take part of the war in Ethiopia? Your readers need a corection of facts as long as you dont wish to mislead by disinformation.
    Consider my high regards.

    • Seble Ephrem says:

      There may be a reason for Mr Obasanjo’s omission to mention the attack Eritrea sustained directly from TPLF in Nov2020.
      You see Mr Obasanjo was previously (in 2000) involved as a witness & observer in another peace agreement, in Algiers, signed between Eritrea & Ethiopia. (wherein TPLF formed part of the Ethiopoan coalition EPRDF). The implementation of the binding agreement on the ground has remained incomplete due to the guarantors & witnesses failure to enact. It would be fairer if Obasanjo came clean and not by omission.

    • Mohamed says:

      Missiles were fired a week latter after eritrea fired artilleries in to humera and this is wel confirmed by satellite images .what ever the case who first the first bullent can justify the criminal who killed 600,000 tigrayans both by weaponized hunger ,and bullets
      Those criminal should face the ICC after independent investigation by independent organ other than the suapect and impartial corrupt paralized african union

  5. Abeba Berhe says:

    Liar corruption man , don’t blame TPLF , can you talk about Eritrean Government , he’s killing Tigray people, you can’t b/c corruption man we know, f**

  6. Daniel says:

    Thank you former President Olusegan Obasanjo. All negotiations are not perfect but within all those intense pressure from inside and abroad you did a perfect job.Besides that you voiced the fact so the rest of western world know the fact that TPLF first attached the ENDF. The western’s and their media knowingly covered up this question of who started the war and attached the Ethiopian defense force? This negotiation is not between TPLF and Ethiopian governmnet but with western backers specifically with USA.Because of western’s desires Ethiopia’s internal affairs brought to UN Security Council over ten times. Whatever the result of truce you laid the foundation of truth.

  7. Engr Bezu Abera says:

    TPLF is leading by old man in old strategy and policy.they also rigidity group,they alternative always using force they have no able to have finish on the table rather need war due to that 600,000 Tigrays was losses! Again they couldn’t implement to ground the agreement signed in both side! The World should be enforced TPLF to bring pace horn Africa.they have humanity!!!

  8. Mulu says:

    Now the world knows why Tigray was objecting Obasanjo! He was the genocidal Abiy confidant. No wonder the US acted and added two well regarded members to the panel that led to successful completion of the negotiations. Thank you USA for making this happen. Hope the implementation of the peace agreement works well.

    • Habtamu says:

      Within God the whole Ethiopia will be peaceful in near future, other’s mission will fail, no need to reason. No more hunger, No more looking for help in meal , endeed more will be shown to them in every aspect to our blessed land!

      • Ethiopians and Eritreans Are Not Black Or African says:

        Actually, God made you poor and impoverished. He has brought you endless war and conflict since the day you were born. You shouldn’t rely on Him. Instead, you must wake up every morning and realize that only you can decide your future. Go to school and study something that will make a difference. Maybe Food Science or Agricultural Engineering, either way, nothing is more important than being educated!

  9. Eri-ethio peace lover says:

    TPLF is not a trustworthy organizations. They are deemed to violate any rules as long as it does not serve their sole purpose of “power and greed”. This organizations is just like the Mafia organizations where rule of law means nothing to them. African leaders must know that TPLF is not in Tigrai to Serve the people in Tigrai nor cooperate with Ethiopian people. They want be in power so they can abuse power and steal from poor ethiopian people. The western leaders are siding with them cos they know well that TPLF their Trojan horse where it’s ready to serve them no matter what the cost is. African leaders should wake up and condemn this dangerous organization.

  10. Berhandeg says:

    U S A and its alliances are albeit to T P L F`s refusal to do according to the peace agreement done in Pretoria . As long as USA and it`s satellite western powers stand with TPLF,it will never come to negotiating table ,unless and other wise Ethiopia use force

  11. Truth seeker says:

    He completely left out the part where prior to Nov 4th, 2020, ethiopia was already blocking food & aid from entering Tigray. As well as the mass rape committed on civilians by ethiopian & eritrean troops, & many other facts that show both the ethiopian & Eritrean governments consistent acts of crimes against humanity. This piece shows a disturbing amount of biases.

    • Welkait says:

      This is an absolutely new lie and false propaganda. It wasn’t mentioned because it never happened. TPLFites continue making up new facts in retrospect to justify their heinous crimes. The Ethiopian defense forces were in Tigray for 30 years before the Nov. 2020 attack on ENDF garrisons, living with the population, protecting the region and helping with crops. Some were married with Tigrayan partners and had children. Not once in their 30 years of service have they been accused of rape. On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence of rape of Welkait women used as war weapon by TPLF fighters for 30 years, in an attempt to change the ethnic composition of the region. Rape as weapon of war was also widely used on Afar and Amhara women during TPLF’s invasion in 2021. Here are other incidents of rape :
      [Link deleted]
      As for Eritrean, the priority is to #disarmTPLF and remove the threat of TPLF violence. TPLFites don’t care that Tigray will finally be at peace, the children go back to school and farmers resume farming. All they care about is getting back to power to loot again. #NoMore

  12. Hansflix says:

    Despite the time and historical enemies from inside and outside, Ethiopia is still winning with the help of the creator and the blood and bone sacrifice of her precious children. It can be seen that the Western powers who are using TPLF as a “Trojan horse” are working hard to make our country lose its independence.

  13. Sam says:

    War started when the Ethiopian government encircled Tigray from all directions with tanks and heavy weaponry prior to Nov 4 attack. They even communicated with Sudan to close it’s border with Tigray.
    Now Ethiopians committed genocide on Tigray civilians it’s difficult for Tigray to continue as part of Ethiopia. Tigray’s independence is inevitable and that will be the start of the disintegration of Ethiopia into ten tiny regions.

  14. Shishay Kahsay says:

    We know that Obasanjo is Abiy Ahmed’s mouthpiece, and we Tigryans never expect an impartial script from this old man who ravaged the Biafra community

  15. Lilly Anderson says:

    Olusegun Obasanjo expected!  the most corrupted and dishonest person.

  16. Lilly Anderson says:

    Olusegun Obasanjo expected!  the most corrupted and dishonest person.

  17. Habtom says:

    Incorrect and misleading from him. PFDJ declared the war in 2018 saying “GAME OVER WEYANE/JUNTA”. DIA and Aby worked tirelessely to elimnate Tigrayans.EDF was inside Tigray before 4/11/2020.As they intially DIA and Aby claimed the war is to bring the TPLF leaders to justice but what actually they did is killing civilians and destroying infrastructure,rape, used famine and starvation as a means of war, looting and soon. Finally,they sat together with those they called them terriorists and shake hands. what a shame!, even he has no balls to mention the involvement of DIA in this genocidal war.

    • Ethiopia Prevailed says:

      But he didn’t lie. The game did indeed end in 2018. Woyane/TPLF enjoyed 27 yrs of corruption, genocide, rape, mass starvation, fake elections, forced displacement, etc and everything came to an end when they were ousted by the nationwide uprising. They knew their gig was up and retreated to Tigray with their tails tucked in between their legs. If that’s not game over then I don’t know what you are talking about.

      Seeing TPLF supporters criticizing Obasanjo is hilarious. You are defending a corrupt and dishonest organization but you feel qualified to judge him. I hope you are aware that the 27 years of injustice is documented and we know what happened. What exactly were you guys expecting when you employed a backward system that divided people based on ethnicity? Did you think anything good would come out of forcefully annexing lands? How about the massacres in Gambella, Wolkait and Oromia? You are supporting and justifying the actions of an organization that used your own family members to protect their interests. If TPLF cared about Tigray, how come they didn’t work to develop Tigray while they were in office? Tigray is still the least developed areas in the nation.

      Did you guys really think they wouldn’t have to answer for the crimes they have committed against Ethiopia? The people they tortured came back to kill them. Thats how things work. Let’s not forget that TPLF was holding military parades and threatening war when Abiy came to power. A tiny state deciding to build its own army and disregarding the federal government is not a move one would consider a peaceful coexistence. Quit lying and start holding your TPLF leaders for what they have done to Tigray and Ethiopia in general

  18. Dushanbe says:

    The former Nigerian statesman and African Union` s envoy and leader of the peace negotiations have told the truth that the US and others western powers have been denying. They have been denying the undeniable fact that it was the forces of the TPLF who ignited the conflict. All those who closely follow developments in Ethiopia and the region know it. Mr. Obasanjo has told them the bitter truth and they should accept the fact that the TPLF is responsible for the losses of lives and suffering of the Tigray people. US/Western policy makers can not acquit the TPLF of its heinous crimes and blame Ethiopia and Eritrea for the crisis.

  19. Berhane says:

    Mr Abasanjo’s courage to reveal the geneses of the two years bloody conflict, which had devastate the country, is TPLF is to be appreciated. However, the truth of the matter is that it was compelled to sign the peace deal in Pretoria and Nairobi after its hamulating defeat. TPLF is a warmonger and provocative group that could not exist in a peaceful environment. After few weeks of the peace deal it has changed its tone and begun to beat war drum again. For peace to prevail in the Horn region in General and Ethiopia in particular this group should be neutralized.

  20. Endalkachew Tsegaye says:

    This is the fact no one can Denie it. TPLF did not accept national reform and attacked the national defense force of Ethiopia at night. This is the cause of the war. TPLF is the root cause for this death and destruction that any country cannot endures this kind of attack at its national defense force. Now the only solution is implementing the peaceful agreement of south Africa. It needs commitment and keeping the written agreement to act based on it. It is peaceful resolution that saves and stops the next death and destructions.

  21. Tadesse says:

    TPLF used the same scenario the Serbs used against all the former Yugoslavia ethnics groups. The X-Yugoslav national army was dominated by Serb, federal budget and foreign diplomacy under their control. If some one checks the Ethiopian diplomats around the world you will find at least 60% of Tigers with no or minor qualifications. Their big mistake is the day they nominated Aby their former officer to be a PM. My comment is not addressed to the poor and desperate Tigran people rather to their leaders playing with their life and children. I have been in Tigray before 2020 and never seem so poor and desperate people.

  22. Minasse Workneh says:

    Thank you president Abasanjo for speaking the truth. The cause of the conflict in northern Ethiopia and its catastrophic outcome both in human and material loss was really unreasonable. Now that through your and other African great sons tireless effort the two warring parties have finally signed on the cessation of hostilities, it is primarily the duty and responsibility of both sides to honor and implement the agreement.I think regarding the withdrawal of the Eritrean forces from the region I think it requires another set of negotiations since refusal of the implementation of the decision to hand the piece of land over Badme and neighboring places has saused great human and material loss on both sides. It is also the TPLF who forced the Eritrean army to enter into the war by rocket bombing Asmara.

  23. Yemane says:

    It’s unfortunate for the world that criminals and mass killers like Obasanjo are the peace brokers. People who happened to be billioneers with wraith earned from their military service ( how much is a soldier’s salary even when he is a Major General?) are preachers of integrity and leaders of unti-corruption movement.
    where is the hope for the world coming?

  24. Dawit says:

    Hello, thank you for writing the article and highlighting the responsible party who has initiated 4 wars against a dully elected government, killing people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar. I would like to see where the 600,000 dead number comes from and I would like to know why the victims of Amhara, and Afar were ignored in this article. While I know that TPLF is a murdering machine, I have a hard time accepting 600,000 number and the article’s suggestion that the number is solely based on Tigrayans victims sans the victims of Afar and Amhara gives the impression that it grossly exaggerated. I hope you can share your source for the claim.

  25. Dawit says:

    umbili mjinga. wewe ni muuaji wa halaiki. hakuna aliyesahau ulichomfanyia diafra he knows what he did to diafra! Stupi mother fucker!

  26. Sam says:

    Without AU and President Obasanjo, genuine peace negotiation and agreement in my view unthinkable. For one and only one reason. AU and Obasanjo has no geopolitical national interest. African solutions to African problems is a master design to exclude the geopolitical interests in the continents negotiation efforts. The USA, EU, China, Russia has all geopolitical interest can’t be genuine negotiators in the continent. It is good China and Russia respected and stayed away from the negotiation. However, external countries involvement in monitoring their geopolitical interest, helping reconstruction and pushing shared agenda is vital to the continent.

    • Don't Raise Your Kids In The USA, UK, Or Canada says:

      You are incredibly naive, just like most other “Ethiopians” and “Eritreans”. How can Africans solve the issues of others when they can’t even fix their own countries. Not even their own small village. The African Union is a proxy of Western Imperialism. It is funded by America and Britain, which means the United States and England decide who is hired, fired, and ridiculed. That’s why they push their satanic agenda of Pan-Africa, to eliminate all cultures and erase every language. They already feed Africa with USAID and the UN. Why do you think so many Blacks claim to be Egyptian, Israeli, Moroccan, Arab, etc. Africans will always hate themselves, that is how they became slaves in the first place.

  27. Haile T. says:

    Obosango should be honoured and appreciated, due to tireless efforts. His initiative and its acgievement has made history efforts. Let’s be realistic, in resolving the conflict first belongs to both sides, but in two years they were unable to do it and achieve peace agreement and opening all humanitarian needs and restoring other social services. Therefore, Obosanjo and his team have done it and they should be highly respected and appreciated. Although, both sides are demanding different issues, relating the big human loses, suffering ,economic destruction and social displacememt. So that we have to say enough is enough, and our voices should be heard and witnessing in a responsiible manner to achieve lasting peace in Ethiopia. Thank you!

  28. Obsaa Injifataa says:

    TPLF is responsible not only for the cause of the present war with Ethiopian government. It has many other destruction records. TPLF is responsible for:
    1. Ethio-Eritrea war which killed over 100,000 people.
    2. cessation of Eritrea from Ethiopia.
    3. all ethnic based conflicts in Ethiopia.
    4. large scale corruptions.
    5. making Ethiopia .landlocked.

  29. Haile T. says:

    Obosango should be honoured and appreciated, due to his tireless efforts. His initiative and its acgievement has made history efforts. Let’s be realistic, in resolving the conflict first belongs to both sides, but in two years they were unable to do it and to achieve peace agreement and opening all humanitarian needs and restoring other social services. Therefore, Obosanjo and his team have done it practically and they should be highly respected and appreciated. Although, both sides are demanding different issues, relating the big human loses, suffering ,economic destruction and social displacememt. So that we have to say enough is enough, our voices should be heard and witnessing in a responsiible manner to achieve lasting peace in Ethiopia. Thank you!

  30. Mohamed says:

    First and foremost, Obasanjo is partial ,corrupt, a close friend advisor of AbiyAhmed the criminal.behinde Tigray genocide
    he has the blood of millions of Biafrans on his hands and has killed Biafrans in Nigeria while going unpunished. He should ask for it. he has to be blamed for the Tigrayans’ weaponized hunger,#weaponizedrape.

    Second, he is not the best candidate to look into this matter. He should stop insulting Tigrayans who are the victims of genocide by the pentocostal government of Abiyahmed and his junior partners in crime, Eritrea and the Amhara militia, unless an independent body after an independent investigation can declare who is accountable for Tigray genocide, war crimes, and crimes against people in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara.
    Given that the question of who fired the first shot is still debatable and that genocidal crimes, crimes against humanity, and war crimes were committed, it is not within his purview to conduct an investigation.

    As per the facts on the ground
    It was the genocide-committing Abiy Ahmed dictatorship, along with Eritrea and the Amhara militia, who were his pawns in the scheme.
    independent investigation

  31. Kekebede says:

    Thank you, your Excellency. We Ethiopian respect and appreciated your efforts to bring peace in Ethiopia. It’s the tip of the iceberg TPLF’s crimes. Each one of us (Ethiopian) have a story to tell about TPLF’s systematically Horrendous crime. TPLF is responsible not only for the cause of the current war with the federal government by attacked the national defence force of Ethiopia at night. The last 30 years So many crimes have been committed by TPLF.
    TPLF is a warmonger, can’t leave without a war. I don’t think they will accept the peace agreement, TPLF signed only to buy time to prepare and regroup to the 4th round war with the federal government.

  32. mezgebe says:

    such an arrogant comment is mostly from the pessimists to continue in their position to be part of the previous.
    he now has lost his credibility to act as a mediator in such a case for his such kind of patrician comment.
    nothing is expected from his kind of old baboon.

  33. Axumawi semu says:

    It is grotesque to see obasanjo a genocider in a Nigerian civil war, to see him talking about who’s at fault in Tigray genocide, this show me not only the disfunction of AU but also the international Community, and lopsided International order.

  34. sinshaw biresaw says:

    600,000 yong died in the battle due to TPLF 😭😭😭

  35. Selam says:

    Violation of the constitutional order was the cause of this war. The cure is respect for the construction. It took Abiy one million lives to make a correction . Embracing Eritrea to destroy Ethiopia was another major blunder. This is in the Gunes Book of blunders.

  36. Gebremedhin says:

    Obasanjo played a role in the #TigrayGenocide supporting #Abiy and now he is narrating things on how to bring him to the novel prize. The strategy for the blood of millions of Biafrans under his military power has repeated in Tigray. He is very close to Abiy to advise for such an evil experience.

  37. Eyob says:

    This is good beginning to start from the bottom of the problem

  38. Araya Messa says:

    Olusegun Obasanjo is too biased here. He is only repeating the wrong watching of Chairperson of AU Commission, Ambassador Moussa Faki Mahamat that he said Abiy was right to take action in behalf of law and order of the country. They did not know the political complexity and dark cloud up on Tigray before November 2020 from the Ethiopian government. The Ethiopian government, before November 2020, had encircled Tigray with heavy military personal and tried to enter Tigray to take all the legitimized leaders. They sent a couple of helicopters full of military commandos for special operation to arrest Tigriyan leaders by force. They disguised those full commands planes as they carried new published money to Tigray region, which was completely false. It was a matter of hours to enter Mekelle from all directions to district Tigray government by force. This was in fact witnessed by many including by the so called Amhara Special Forces commander, that recently died in Addis. He said the special forces of Amhara were already ready to attack Tigray through Wekait (Western Tigray). Not only that but also Tigray was blocked not to have access to the rest of the country by blocking the main road that leads to Addis through Dessie. The only way left was through Afar that later was blocked.
    Therefore, Obasanjo failed to know all the reasons, conflict drivers, or factors before November 2020. Obasanjo is not blaming the genocide doers. It is totally biased and impartial. It was no surprise he was refused to get accepted as a negotiator initially by Tigrians. US has to have a note of his impartial and unethical remark that can be taken as a spoiler to the peace agreement. Shame on you Obasanjo!

  39. wondem says:

    Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is a seasoned diplomat and proved himself to be the true son of Africa. TPLF and TPLfites brought misery hunger death and what not on the innocent people of Ethiopia. If justice is to be served, the USA should also accountable to this war and should be taken to the Haig as war crime. The USA’s involvement aggravated the problem in this country and caused the death of hundreds of thousands of young Ethiopian and should be accountable to that. The only comment I have for former president is that the shred and arrogant west should be included as main actors of the Ethiopian civil war.

  40. Getabirhan says:

    why should Olusegun Obasanjo did not raise about justice, accountability in his statement? That is my question for sustainable, lasting and ongoing peace among people. And there should be first a public apologize by the Two officials (prosperity and TPLF) as well as by those who lead the war directly as war leaders from line officers to Generals.
    If the people of Amhara, Afar and Tigray first they have to be apologized by TPLF and prosperity, then they need to reinstate, reintegrate, and reconstruct will be followed as fast as possible; Unless Olusengun Obasanjo cannot say that he has reconciled without achieving the above mentioned, the job is not yet done.

  41. Feysel Suleman says:

    Obasanjo did a commendable job in promoting peace in Ethiopia. We Ethiopians are forever thank him. I can see a new African brotherhood spirit rising. Peace!

  42. Tsega says:

    Mr Obasanjo
    I respect his trying to solve the conflict,
    1, he is too old to understand the complicated poletics of Ethiopia and he already had his side when he start the midiation, since AU supported the war saying it is “law inforcemant opporation”
    2, His mentality is do what ever it takes to maintain a country by force even at the coast of millions instead of trying to solve the problem at the coat of even his position of power. What he did in Biafra is best example, he starved and massacared millions to crash the opposition he faced.
    His mentality was used by Ethiopian gov effectively to extermination of Tigrayans systematically.
    3, The Ethiopian gov, frozen all ethinic Tigrayans’ bank accounts, shot down electricity and communication, blocked journals from getting to tigray.
    The Eritrean army, Ethiopian army and it’s ally forces got into Tigray and destroyed 90% of health facilities so that to damage next generation, burned thier factories and infrastracture so that there won’t be any economy to survive on, burned thier crops, killed baby chicken with their boots, raped 120,000 womens and intentionaly infected them with HIV, inserted glown metal into women’s private parts, after gang raped women they forced in trash and nails into her vagina. They massacred civilians burned Tigrayans alive and committed all types of gross human right violations. after they destroyed the infrastructure they blocked anything from getting into tigray they placed siege and blockade on tigray for 2 years as a result 6 million people starved and 600,000 died. This all happened under the dark and still is under communication block out to this day.
    ”Ethiopian leadership vowed to ‘wipe out’ Tigrayans”
    5, before the start of the war, Ethiopia cut off budget to tigray, cut off road to tigray and arrested all tigrayan soldiers and mobilized it’s troops to tigray borders. After they claimed TPLF attacked military base, all out war was started in all tigray borders, and the 3 forces invaded tigray to the core, 1 million people ethinically cleansed from western Tigray & Replaced by ethinic Amhara people.

  43. Tsega says:

    No justice no peace

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