On Tuesday alone, coronavirus killed 1,067 Americans, 1,215 Brazilians, 1,045 Indians and 827 Mexicans

On Tuesday, the novel coronavirus killed 1,067 people in the United States, 1,215 in Brazil, 1,045 in India and 827 in Mexico, according to Johns Hopkins University virus tracker.

There were also 43,253 new cases of coronavirus in the United States on Tuesday, 42,659 new cases in Brazil, 78,357 in India and 6,476 new infections in Mexico.

More than 6.1 million people have now contracted coronavirus in the United States and close to 186,000 of them have died.

In Brazil, close to 4 million people have contracted COVID-19 and more than 122,000 have died.

India has more than 3.7 million infections and over 66,000 deaths while Mexico over 606,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 65,000 deaths.

There is no vaccine yet or cure and the World Health Organization (WHO) has continued to warn that the pandemic is far from over and the best way to contain it for now is to continue to social distance, wearing masks, isolating and treating those who contract it.

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