On Voice of America, Cameroon secessionists urged to take up machine guns against the state

On Voice of America, Cameroonian secessionists were urged on Tuesday to take up machine guns and fight for their independence.

Speaking on Voice of America from Houston in Texas, the spokesperson of the self-proclaimed “Ambazonia Republic” in Cameroon, former journalist-turned pastor, Mr Chris Anu, reacted to President Paul Biya‘s call on Tuesday for a national dialogue to resolve the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

Anu called on every Anglophone to get a gun and go to war with French speaking Cameroon, describing President Biya’s speech and proposals as “a non starter”.

Voice of America interview by Chris Anu

“What Mr. Biya has put out today as a solution to this four year old crisis is a non starter,” Mr. Anu said.

“Going forward, every Ambazonian must have a gun, if not a machine gun, because we must take back our country,” Anu, the spokesman of the self-proclaimed Ambazonian separatist movement said, using a widely listened radio station in the United States to amplify a crisis that has killed many.

Ambazonia is the name of the self-proclaimed independent republic made up of Anglophones in the South West and North West regions in Cameroon.

Many Anglophones listen to Voice of America, and the call for every Anglophone to acquire a gun and go to war on Voice of America did not receive any pushback from the Voice of America anchor who has continually used his medium to amplify a crisis that has consumed hundreds if not thousands of lives.

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Chris Anu and wife
Voice of America interview by Chris Anu

Mr. Biya on Tuesday in a speech to his central African nation broadcast on radio and television networks in Cameroon and sent to TODAY NEWS AFRICA USA by the presidency called for a national dialogue led by the prime minister.

But Mr. Anu said his call in French language came too late, almost four years after the crisis started.

He indicated that there was no going back on the fight for independence of the Anglophone regions.

The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has killed hundreds or thousands of people, including women and children, as well as security forces, and displaced tens of thousands of civilians to neighboring Nigeria.

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
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  1. Mr Paul BIYA of la republique du cameroun is well known for his ruthless abuse OF human rights.what he terms as dialogue has failed several times AAC 1 AAC2 ANDthe multi bilingualism confrence has yield no fruit. Because they were all window dressing fake to deceive the world he was doing something while he was just continuoring his genocide on a people those of English speaking origins to possess their territory.And eradicate their existence.


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