Online privacy: New Kaspersky security cloud launched in Nigeria


In the modern world, people are making an everyday compromise between the opportunity to constantly stay connected, or preserve their privacy. The more people use different internet services, the more difficult it is for them to keep their personal information confidential. Moreover, maintaining a mobile lifestyle requires users to be available whenever and wherever they are, because their social connections, earnings, well-being and even emotional balance depend on this. Kaspersky Lab’s ( solutions allow people to not only stay connected whatever the circumstances, but also ensure their privacy online.

Thus, Kaspersky Lab has updated its key range of solutions for home users, designed to safeguard everything that is valuable to them – privacy, money, memories, piece of mind for their loved ones and much more, in addition to protecting against cyberattacks. In the company’s essential products – Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Anti-Virus – functions have been added to protect users against the newest and most advanced cyberthreats. Improvements have also been made to the performance, ease of configuration and detection efficiency of the product line’s premium solutions – Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security.

But most importantly, the company’s portfolio has been replenished with a completely new product – an adaptive service called Kaspersky Security Cloud, which goes even further to protect users from any problems they may encounter in the digital world.

Every person is unique – this is beyond doubt. The same is true for people’s online behaviour, which forms their individual digital world. That is why Kaspersky Lab experts have invented and patented the adaptive protection technology. Kaspersky Security Cloud combines all the best elements of the flagship solutions, including the market leading protection against cyberthreats, and adaptive “scenarios”. Adaptivity means that the service offers protection exactly when it is needed, depending on the individual’s behaviour and the device they use.

Kaspersky Security Cloud operates according to the unique security-as-a-service scheme. It is “attached” not to the device, but to its owner via their account on the My Kaspersky portal. In addition, the service is available on both an annual and monthly* subscription basis. However, the uniqueness of the solution lies in the fact that, with the appropriate settings, the product behaves like an “adviser” that promptly tells you what to do in order to maintain a connection when it is most needed, or to avoid jeopardising your personal data when such a risk occurs.

For example:

Imagine that you need to urgently send a confidential document, so you stop for a coffee in the nearest café and connect to the free Wi-Fi. However, this Wi-Fi turns out to be dangerous. Specifically, cybercriminals can intercept all the data transmitted over it! This is not uncommon. Kaspersky Security Cloud reports this risk and, depending on the settings, automatically turns on the VPN, which securely encrypts all transmitted data. Let the hackers try to decrypt that!

Or, what if someone gets into your home Wi-Fi network and is secretly watching all your online activities – the websites you visit, the messages you send to your friends and family? Or is just using your internet for free? With the new solution from Kaspersky Lab, this is not possible, because it knows all the devices that connect to your network and keeps you informed about them.

Or, imagine that you are hurriedly entering a new password for your account on a social network, but this password is too simple and easy to hack. Kaspersky Security Cloud will protest and offer to create a more reliable password, tell you how to do it, and even help to generate one that hackers will not be able to hack for centuries. Thus, your confidential correspondence with friends will remain untouched.

Of course, a strong password is incredibly important, but what if the service itself has been hacked and all the passwords stolen? Again, this is not an uncommon occurrence. In this case, Kaspersky Security Cloud will learn about the leak and warn the owner, prompting him or her to change the password before it is too late, that is, before their personal data becomes available for sale on the Darknet.

And what if you are late for an important meeting (a job interview or a date, for example), and your smartphone battery suddenly dies so you cannot warn the person waiting for you? With the Kaspersky Lab solution, this situation is highly unlikely. Not only does it constantly report unsafe device settings and unnecessary applications, it also prompts in advance how much time is left until your Android’s battery is completely discharged.

Or yet another nervous situation: the hard drive in your laptop is dead with all your valuable files – the pet photos, the wedding video, the coursework that needs to be handed in tomorrow…not with Kaspersky Security Cloud! The solution does not only allow you to make regular backups, but also warns in advance if it suspects that the hard disk is close to failing.

These and other “scenarios” are embedded in Kaspersky Security Cloud, and they are being constantly replenished. Thus, the new adaptive service allows people to always stay connected and protect their data.

“While developing Kaspersky Security Cloud, we were guided by the desire to create a service that could provide the right protection at the right time. People’s digital lives of today are much more than just a device connected to the Internet, they are a whole world that is no less important than the physical one. And each person has their own domain, which means each person needs special protection that suits their unique digital lifestyle. We believe that the future lies with security solutions that will adapt to the individual, to each member of their family, to their environment and behaviour. Kaspersky Security Cloud is our first step towards this future,” says Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab Africa.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is currently available online in three versions. The Free version has a limited number of scenarios, it only applies to one account and three devices at a time. The Personal version provides full service functionality for one account and five devices. The Family version covers up to 20 accounts and up to 20 devices.

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