ONLY GOD: Baby found in dumpster grows up to be Tech CEO worth $62 million

The amazing story is trending in the United States. It’s about a man called Freddie Figgers.

Only a few days old, Freddie Figgers was found next to a dumpster in rural Florida.

If that was the end of his story, it would have been a very sad story. But it was not.

Now 30 years old, Freddie Figgers has become the CEO of a tech company worth at least $62 million.

After he was found next to a dumpster, a passerby noticed him in distress and called police.

Freddie was checked into a hospital where he stayed for 2 days to recover from his minor injuries and placed into the foster care system.

He was taken in by Nathan and Betty Figgers who lived in nearby Quincy, Florida and already had a daughter of their own.

The Figgers, regular foster parents, quickly decided to adopt Freddie, according to Light Workers.

But it was not all that rosy. As a kid, Freddie was bullied by other kids in elementary being called the “dumpster baby.”

“It’s a rural area, so after it happened, everybody heard about it,” Freddie told Light Workers.

“My parents told me the truth about what happened as I grew older. I thought about it a lot as a kid, and I’d have to say it was embarrassing when I was younger.”

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