Opinion: Cho Ayaba’s disgrace in London and the test of a true Ambazonian leader, By Chris Anu

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Images of Cho Ayaba walking the streets of London looking like a ‘clando’ driver in rag-tag jeans, short of a leader, paraded right and left, and to the back by yellings of shame are not necessarily what speaks to the lowness that is the person Ayaba is made up of. Not even the mere idea that he flew singularly to London to sign an oil deal speaks to it. What speaks to it is the fact that Ayaba will negotiate an oil deal, a deal that would have committed all Ambazonians for generations, without any consultations of his AGC leadership or the ARCC to which he claims fellowship. This is what points to the the real test of the kind of leader we have in Ayaba. In this test, Ayaba hardly scores 1/10.

As I write, there are Ambazonian fighters under lock and keyed in batibo. They have been under Ayaba’s clandestine incarceration going for two weeks. And again, as he was being humiliated through the streets of London, we learned that another amba camp was under attack by his adf thugs. We equally have a text message from the CIC, ‘commander-in-chief’ that Ayaba is, prepping up same thugs to attack the red dragons with RPGs.

And less we forget, going back to the oil deal, he is said to have self appoint himself President, then forging other documents to help him qualify to pen his lone signature on the deal.

We note that Ayaba & Co. have since the 4th conclave refused to work with the IG because according to them, the Ig was self appointed. So what qualifies his self appointment and what makes it any more different from the one he has refused to acknowledge and collaborate with for all this time? That Ayaba would forge documents, go as far as keeping his leadership bline to such a potential oil deal and avoiding consultations with other ARCC members, sells him as the real egomaniac, ‘all about myself’ leader we have perceived of him from the onset.

To be candid, let me ask the hypocrites out there trying to defend this fraud of a self made leader and the self centered deal, WHAT IF IT WAS SAKO WHO DID IT? What would you and Ayaba be saying now? There would be a holy jihad waged, I suppose, by the ARCC hypocrites demanding Sako’s resignation and a possible undoing of everything called the Ig.

That you won’t hear this from ARCC leaders is the highest form of hypocrisy and they should be ashamed of themselves. If Cho were to pass the the test of a true leader, that leader of the revolution he so much wants all to believe he is, he would be stepping down from the AGC. If Sako did that unilaterally, trust me, I would be asking him to do just same without blinking my eyes. That’s what honorable people in the AGC should do, that is, if there are any still left.

Chris Anu is the spokesman of the self-appointed Ambazonian interim government while Ayaba has been described as a “general Ambazonian”, one of the leaders of the army wing of the secessionist movement


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